"Beyond Doubt?"

Dr.-Megan-ClarkABC News in Australia reports here that CISRO says “Climatge chage is beyond doubt.”

The head of the CSIRO, Dr Megan Clark, says the evidence of global warming is unquestionable, and in Australia it is backed by years of robust research.

“Unquestionable?” ” Beyond doubt?”  Sounds pretty convincing, but I’m not biting.

“We know two things. We know that our CO2 has never risen so quickly. We are now starting to see CO2 and methane in the atmosphere at levels that we just haven’t seen for the past 800,000 years, possibly even 20 million years,” she said.

So, she only knows two things but she’s a know-it-all?  Here is a chart from Junk Science.com, you can again judge for yourself whether it’s reality or CO2 inasnity.  Looks like a downward trend to me.

Source: ABC News Australia

Frankly I think she’s basing her opinon on hysterical data and not historical data.

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