Now the IPCC is Going to Study Us

UN BuildingYes, you have read it correctly. It couldn’t be their fault nobody believes them! It must be the fault of the masses! Now they want to put us under the microscope so that they can find out what lies we’ll believe in the next report. This article in reports the following…

The head of the United Nations (UN) has announced a review of how the world examines the risk of global warming following a series of scandals around the science of climate change.

I can save them lots of time and money on the next one.  How they come to their conclusions?  Lets try bogus data, cherry-picked data, peer review only by those who agree with them, etc….

an independent review will be carried out by the InterAcademy of Council, an organisation that represents national science academies around the world. The review will look at how the IPCC, that is run by volunteer scientists and relies on input from thousands of people around the world, comes to its conclusions.

They’re going to make sure they don’t screw up next time…

“It is critically important that the science we bring into our reports and disseminate on a large scale is accepted across the globe, by governments, businesses and civil society,” he said.

“We expect that this review will help us strengthen the entire process by which we carry out preparation of our reports.”

This is just the kind of  CO2 Insanity I speak of.  Why can’t they just admit they screwed up BIG TIME, kick all the liars out, and start over?  Too simple I suppose?


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