Global Warming Insanity = Financial Black Hole

black-hole-lab2Here is more of the insanity I speak of.  Reuters reports on the financial ripoff of  climate fund money.  See, it works this way. They pass phony laws and ripoff everyone.  They set it up so large companies that pollute have to buy permits from the state to emit pollution.  Then they collect 100’s of millions of dollars that are supposed to be used to fight CO2 and global warming.  But, when the state gets in a tight spot, they transfer the funds to the general fund and then piss it away.  In this particular article it’s New Jersey.  You can read it here.

California has pulled the same crap for decades.  They collect taxes on gas, that are supposed to pay for road repairs and improvements, then they get in a tight spot and transfer the money to the general fund and piss your tax dollars away.  Drive in California and you can see that the net effect is you almost need a gas hog 4-wheel drive SUV to get through the potholes without your car and you disappearing into a black hole in the pavement.

This is a financial black hole for your money.  When will the public wake up to this ripoff tactic?  While you don’t get a carbon tax  on your state tax form, you still pay one, because you really don’t think the big polluters like power plants and oil refineries actually pay this out of their own pockets do you?  No, they raise the price of power, gas, diesel and you pay for it greentards.

Source: Reuters

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