Audi Had it Right

Garbage PileThe Audi Superbowl commerical with the Green Police wasn’t far off the mark.  According to this article on Prison Planet…

The commercial features enviro-cops rifling through people’s refuse in an attempt to discover if anyone has put the wrong item in the wrong trash can. When they find a battery, the goons immediately storm the house. Shortly after, a man is shown peeling an orange only to be hit by a dazzling beam and the words, “Sir, put the rind down, that’s a compost infraction!”

Storming your house won’t be the end of it….it’s going to cost you money, too……lots of it..

“Householders could be fined up to £1,000 (about $1,500 USD) if they fail to comply with complex new rules on refuse sorting. Food scraps, tea bags and vegetable peelings thrown into the wrong dustbin could land them with hefty penalties under government plans to be unveiled today,” reports the Daily Mail.

“Families could end up with five different bins and receptacles – including compulsory slop buckets for food waste – and be forced to sift through rubbish for anything that can be recycled, reused or converted into electricity.”

The situation in the UK is getting even uglier than fines and Green Police…it’s beginning to remind me of Nazi Germany…kids spying on parents just like the Hitler Youth…

Better yet, since the government is brainwashing kids in public schools to keep dossiers on their parents to monitor their consumption and travel habits in order to “re-educate” them for the green dictatorship, maybe the children can be covertly recruited to report Mom and Dad to the local green commissar if they commit the shameful offense of throwing a used tea bag into the black bin instead of the yellow bin.

Energy giant NPower also lavished huge sums in advertising expenses to drive its “Climate Cops” campaign, in which children are encouraged to sign up as “climate cops” and keep “climate crime case files” on their families, friends and neighbors.

The motto used to be “Blood and Honor”, I wonder if they’ll change it to Blood and Garbage?

Source: Prison Planet

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