WWF = World Wildlife Farce?

Merlin$60 Billion is a pretty big farce!  According to Christopher Booker’s recent column in Telegraph.co.uk that’s what they stand to make in a giant carbon credit scheme…talk about insanity!

If the world’s largest, richest environmental campaigning group, the WWF – formerly the World Wildlife Fund – announced that it was playing a leading role in a scheme to preserve an area of the Amazon rainforest twice the size of Switzerland, many people might applaud, thinking this was just the kind of cause the WWF was set up to promote. Amazonia has long been near the top of the list of the world’s environmental concerns, not just because it includes easily the largest and most bio-diverse area of rainforest on the planet, but because its billions of trees contain the world’s largest land-based store of CO2 – so any serious threat to the forest can be portrayed as a major contributor to global warming.

Sounds good, protecting a large area of the Amazon, but here’s the scheme…

The idea is that credits representing the CO2 locked into this particular area of jungle – so remote that it is not under any threat – should be sold on the international market, allowing thousands of companies in the developed world to buy their way out of having to restrict their carbon emissions. The net effect would simply be to make the WWF and its partners much richer while making no contribution to lowering overall CO2 emissions.

What a great way to make money from nothing.  Merlin the Magician would certainly be impressed as this is much more profitable than turning lead into gold.

Source: Telegraph.co.uk

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