Beef! It's what's for dinner!

beeffordinner_f2You no longer have to switch to a diet of tofu and seaweed to save the environment from that nasty old CO2 and methane.  The Daily Mail Online reports in this article that…

Calls to save the planet by eating less meat are based on an exaggerated UN report linking livestock to global warming, according to an analysis of the study.

Sounds like the UN got it wrong again…..hmmmm….big surprise…

Dr Mitloehner says meat and milk production generates less greenhouse gas than most environmentalists claim – and highlights the source of confusion as a report from the UN.

The good Doctor points this out…

Dr Mitloehner, of the University of California, says the misleading claims emanate from a 2006 UN report which said livestock was ‘responsible for 18 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions’. ‘This is a higher share than transport,’ it added.

The figure was picked up and recycled by ‘eat less meat’ campaigners all over the world. But according to Dr Mitloehner the claim is inaccurate and ‘unscientific’ because the numbers for livestock were calculated differently from the transport figures, resulting in what he describes as an ‘apples-and- oranges analogy that truly confused the issue’.

Yes the cows do fart….but it ain’t THAT bad (unless you happen to be behind one when it cuts loose!)

He says there is no doubt that livestock are major producers of methane – a potent greenhouse gas.  But he argues that the focus of tackling climate change should be on ‘smarter farming’, not less farming.

The UN should claim a “mulligan” on their report and start anew.  Hmmmm should I go to In and Out?  Or, Burger King?

Source:  The Daily Mail Online

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