Get Yer Free Dimbulbs, Only £45 Each!!!

6978fluorescent_light_bulbMore CO2 inspired insanity from the UK, they must really love The Goracle over there is all I can say.  Per this article in we have what I’d go so far as to term super insanity.

More than 200 million free energy-saving light bulbs have been sent to households over the last two years by energy suppliers. The mass mail-out was caused by gas and electricity suppliers trying to hit Government targets to reduce carbon emissions.

Yes that’s right 200 million of them!  Just look at how CO2 Insanity can cost you money!

However, Which?, the consumer watchdog has calculated that each household has ended paying £45 each through higher energy bills to fund the scheme, even though many consumers objected to being sent the bulbs. Many complained about having to go to the Post Office to collect what they thought was a parcel, only to find it was a bulb that did not even fit any of their lamps.

Nice planning, sending out bulbs that don’t fit.  Must fall into the category of dimbulbs.  It appears it’s more important to hit the target of carbon reduction than to actually have any common sense, much less use it.

Companies had various options of how they hit their targets to reduce carbon emissions, but if they failed to hit their targets they could be fined 10 per cent of their turnover. The companies were, crucially, allowed to pass on the costs of the scheme to customers.

Hmmm…so what gets passed on to consumers anyway?

Ofgem, the industry regulator, calculated that £84 out of the average dual fuel bill of about £1,200 goes on environmental levies, of which £45 goes directly towards funding CERT.

Not only is what you’ve read thus far totally asinine, it gets even better.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change admitted last year that the scheme was flawed and resulted in significant wastage, with no proof that the light bulbs were being used in people’s homes.

Yes you read right, no proof they were even being used!!!  Talk about stupidity!!!!!

One thing the article doesn’t note is the total cost of this stupidity.  Take £45 x 200 million and you get a grand total stupidity cost of only £9 Billion pissed down the drain.  For those in the USA that’s the equivalent of $13.4 Billion USD.

Other things to think about are:

  • How much of a carbon footprint was made getting the raw materials for all these light bulbs?
  • How much of a carbon footprint was made manufacturing all these light bulbs?
  • How much of a carbon footprint was made shipping all these light bulbs?
  • How much pollution was created by all the ones that got thrown out because they didn’t fit anything?

See why I call it CO2 Insanity?  It is amazing the gigantic waste of time, money and materials that goes on in the name of saving the Earth.


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