Earth Entering New Age of CO2 Insanity

Desert seems to be bi-polar.  They will have articles busting the AGW “science”, then turn around and put something in about the sky falling.  I guess they cant make up their minds, or they have a clever editor who’s decided to  play both sides of the fence.

This article Earth ‘entering new age of geolicial time’ sounded harmless enough.  The content is surprisingly different.

Humans have wrought such vast and unprecedented changes on the planet that we may be ushering in a new period of geological history.

Through pollution, population growth, urbanisation, travel, mining and use of fossil fuels we have altered the planet in ways which will be felt for millions of years, experts believe.

Uh oh!  Here we go again.  Now we have a name for this new age.

The new epoch, called the Anthropocene – meaning new man – would be the first period of geological time shaped by the action of a single species.

A new working group of experts has now been established to gather all the evidence which would support recognising it as the successor to the current Holocene epoch.

A new group of experts?  Hmmm….I can see the BS will soon be flying in an effort to get grant money to fund all these studies.  They get even shriller.

Dr Jan Zalasiewicz, of the University of Leicester, co-author of the paper, added: “It is suggested that we are in the train of producing a catastrophic mass extinction to rival the five previous great losses of species and organisms in Earth’s geological past.”

Catastrophic mass extincton?  I think perhaps they should call it by a different name.  How about Gorethropocene or Pachaurithropocene? Chickenlittlethropocene?


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