SPECTRE Meets in London

BlofeldIn “From Russia with Love” James Bond fought against SPECTRE, an evil organization of crooks out to blackmail the worlds countries out of millions. Compared to today they were rank amateurs and cheap to boot.

This weekend you have a new version of SPECTRE meeting in London in an attempt to fire up the Anthropogenic Global Warming con-game to rip you off for 100’s of billions.  SPECTRE now stands for: Stupendously Piggish Environmental Con-Artists Trying to Renew Embezzlement.

Evidently all us skeptics, deniers, or whatever you want to call us (how about honest people?), have screwed up their plans royally, so now they are having a big ho-down to try and figure out how to continue the con-game.

Per the Guardian article here

Some of the planet’s most powerful paymasters will gather in London on Wednesday to discuss a nagging financial problem: how to raise a trillion dollars for the developing world. Those charged with achieving this daunting goal will include Gordon Brown, directors of several central banks, the billionaire philanthropist George Soros, the economist Lord (Nicholas) Stern and Larry Summers, President Obama’s chief economics adviser.

How to raise a trillion dollars for the developing world or how to stuff their bank accounts full with schemes like carbon credits? Sounds like the axis of evil.

“We need to find ways to extract payment from those who cause that damage and then use that money to fund developing nations so that they can protect themselves from the worst effects of global warming.”

Extract?  Sounds like a polite term for highway-robbery to me.  But let’s continue on, bacially they will use anything they can to screw you out of your money on the pretext of global warming…

And to raise those funds the Advisory Group on Climate Change Financing has made clear that it will consider everything – from placing levies on international aviation and shipping, to enlarging carbon markets, introducing financial transaction taxes and using the International Monetary Fund’s special reserve currency. You name it and it will be run up the flagpole –

So hang on to your wallets, bank accounts, credit cards, because if they pull this crap off it’s going to be very very expensive for consumers because no matter what you do or buy they’ll claim it causes carbon and they’ll want to tax the snot out of it.

The article goes on about how they’re behind the 8 Ball due to Climategate and all the other “gates” that just seem to keep on going like the Everready Energizer Bunny, but they will try again if they don’t get shut down.

Now is not the time to relax and let the public’s memory fade.  We need to keep exposing the lies about AGW.

Where the hell is James Bond when you need him?

Source: Guardian.co.uk

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  1. Jethro

    Is Blofeld photo of Austin Powers character Dr. Evil? (or is this guy “separated at birth” from Dr. Evil?)