NASA Conveyor BeltAl Gore said the Gulf Stream was going to shut down but per several sources on the Internet it’s not shutting down, not slowing down, in fact it’s speeding up again. Sorry Al, looks like you lose again!

There are articles at these locations note the trend:

There is even a paper on this at:

I Googled “Gulf Stream Slowing 2009” and came up with some alarmist warmer type articles at the sites listed below for those into comedy.

You can get the point from the titles, but please review them.  It also appears that World Climate Report got it right with their article of August 22, 2007 titled “Ocean Circulation Slowdown: False Alarm.” Aren’t they one of the sites the warmers scream about being wrong and in cahoots with big oil or big coal or big natural gas or big something?  Hmmmmm……seems funny to me they got it right and a lot of warmer sites evidently didn’t (again).  Makes me wonder if some of them went to see The Day After Tomorrow and thought it was a documentary?

How many “gates” are we going to have before the general public, the government and the warmers wake up and smell the coffee.  I’ll reiterate that I certainly am not for polluting, wasting or destroying Mother Nature, but I would like some real science done by real scientists so that we can accurately assess situations on the globe without having the alarmist crowd screaming about every little thing.  You’d think they’d remember the story about “The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf” who yelled “wolf!” so many times that when one really did appear and he yelled “wolf!” he was ignored and got turned into a McWolfalds Happy Meal.  If the alarmist really keep this shrillness up some day we will really have a global emergency and no one’s going to believe them.

More CO2 Insanity.  When will it end?


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