OSHA for Climatechange?

Caution BoneheadSo, now we’re back to more CO2 Insanity at its best.  Telegraph.co.uk reports here that…

The body set up to warn Government about the risk of environmental disasters said climate change will cause floods, droughts and heatwaves in future.

Oh really?  I think we have all that already and have had for a long time but all of a sudden it’s new!

In a key report on ‘Adapting Institutions to Climate Change’ the committee of experts recommended that every school, hospital and business should have a legal duty to adapt to climate change. For example by putting in place flood defences and plans for water shortages.

So businesses are supposed to buy employees sunglasses,  umbrellas and lifeboats?

He said all businesses and public bodies should have to carry out a “climate change adaptation test” in the same way as they currently conduct health and safety checks.

I really can’t wait to see what this test is all about, especially since the test will be for something that ain’t happening.

…people are going to get killed or injured by climate change and that is why it is important.

Hurry! Run! The sky is falling!  The sky is falling! (Or rather…The bullshit is falling! The bullshit is falling!)

But wait!  It’s not only “alarmist” it’s free! Yes! Free!

But Sir John said that adapting to climate change will not cost organizations extra money or add bureaucracy.

Man, I think I found a bigger lie than “Anthropogenic Global Warming!”  Free? Won’t cost? Won’t add bureaucracy?  I can smell the fines for non-compliance coming!

What next, will Sir Jon be selling me a bridge in London?

Source: Telegraph.co.uk

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