Smilin’ Bob Can’t Get It Up….Blames Global Warming

Smilin’ Bob can’t get it up even though he’s been takin’ them little pills.

He contacted the IPCC “Love Guru” Dr. Rajendra Pachauri about it.  Dr. Pachauri pointed out that it was yet another consequence of Anthropogenic Global Warming and that if he donated large sums of money to him and The Goracle his problem might go away.

He also signed Smilin’ Bob to star in his next porn flick…”Deep Climate” which is a takeoff on the latest theory that global warming causes anger.  He advises he will change the plot to be that global warming causes women to be horny and run around naked.

He is afraid that there is the possibility that if anyone sees the movie they may decide global warming is a good thing, but advises they can always get the CRU to devise a chart showing the opposite, and that everyone will believe it in spite of the fact that naked women are running around all over the globe.

If that fails, they can always hire The Goracle to do some propaganda for them.

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