Arctic Icegate

Two very interesting articles in Sunday.   Both indicate that the Arctic Ice isn’t melting and in fact it’s expanding and has reached levels not seen since 1991.

IF you thought it was cold in Britain for the time of year, you should see what is happening around the North Pole. Scientists have discovered that the size of the Arctic ice cap has increased sharply to levels not seen since 2001.

Surprise! Surprise!

Mark Serreze, director of the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) in Colorado, is surprised by the Arctic’s recovery from the great melt of 2007 when summer ice shrank to its smallest recorded extent.

Of course we have the nutty MET Office still denying things are cooling off.  These are the same bums who in cried this was the warmest winter like ever, then about a month later had to eat it and admit it was the coldest in about 30 years.  I guess they just don’t get it.

Vicky Pope, a Met Office scientist, said the Arctic Oscillation had affected weather across the hemisphere. “It also played a part in the very warm weather experienced in the Mediterranean, and western Canada, where the winter Olympics were at risk of too little snow,” she said.

Funny awhile back El Nino was the cause of the lack of snow in Vancouver, now all of a sudden it’s the Arctic Oscillation.  Funny thing about this is that normally you have cold air circulating around the Arctic, but this time it has let colder air escape to lower latitudes. Must be another one of those cold causes heat things they like to try to brainwash people with.

Of course we have other AGW Scientist who don’t want to lose their day jobs blathering about like this.

Scientists emphasise that the regrowth of ice in the Arctic and the fierce US blizzards are natural variations in weather which have little relevance for long-term climate change.

Funny how when its hot someplace it’s cause is always Anthropogenic Global Warming, but when it’s cold it’s only a “natural variation.”   As usual in the AGW believer world the wind blows and the bullshit flows.

As usual short-term trends are perfectly fine when they go along with their global warming theories, but short-term trends don’t count when it’s against their lies.

“The reality is that greenhouse gases are making the world warmer, but it is a mistake to see short-term changes in weather, currents or Arctic ice cover as evidence of this,” Pope said.

“Instead you have to look at long-term trends. These show that Arctic summer sea ice is decreasing by 232,000 square miles a decade, nearly 2.5 times the area of Great Britain.

“On current trends it will still become ice-free in summer by around 2060.”

Let’s see, it took 10 years for it to decrease (I assume since 2000), but now it’s back in the 11th year to what it was before 1991, which is 19 years ago.  Sounds like a long-term trend to me. They just want you to ignore the fact that this winter is still part of the trend and treat it like it’s some one-time-only anomaly that doesn’t count because it doesn’t fit in with their theories.

Remember when you played games when you were a kid and the losers always tried to change the rules in their favor so they would be the winner?  Kind of sounds like AGW believer driven science to me.

Anthony Watts site points out that the Arctic ice is about back to normal and that it’s still continuing to increase beyond the time when it normally starts to decrease.  Yet another indication we’re not going to be taking a cruise across the ice-free Arctic anytime soon.

This chart from NISDC shows how much ice there is.  The pink line is the average median, the white is the sea ice extent on 4/30/10.  You can plainly see there’s no problem.

This chart from NISDC plainly shows that the ice is continuing to increase beyond normal time periods.  The light blue line is this year, note it’s still going up beyond the time when things normally start decreasing.

Of course this is all due to global warming…haha!  I guess those Polar Bears aren’t having to swim 100 miles from iceberg to iceberg either.


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