Bonn is a Bust, or, UN Process Like a Dead Battery

Seems the UN just can’t hack it. COP 15 was a dud.  Now their try at a jumpstart in Bonn is turning into the equivalent of an automotive dead battery. Jumper cables seem to be useless.

More than 170 UN countries gathered in Bonn this weekend for the first meeting on climate change since talks ended in chaos in Copenhagen at the end of last year.

Chaos? More like a total dud.

Yvo de Boer, the head of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), which is leading the talks, said small progress was made on technical issues.

Sounds more like no progress was made on anything, which is a good thing. If they ever do agree it will take you tax dollars and send them to places in 3rd world countries where the money will magically disappear into someone’s Swiss bank account.

He said officials will meet at least three more times before a final meeting of ministers in Cancun, Mexico at the end of the year where it is hoped the world will finally reach an agreement on the best way to stop catastrophic warming.

Reminds me of an infertile couple trying to get pregnant again and again and again.

They just can’t get it together.  Rich and poor countries can’t agree, rich countries won’t budge until big countries like China agree to cut emissions.  Whine…whine..whine.

Sounds like global whining at its best.  I hope they keep failing, the UN should stand for “Useless Nations”, which is about what it is.

More people affected by CO2 Insanity. I do wonder how much CO2 they all put into the air flying around all over the globe again.  But that doesn’t apply to the élite, only us peons.


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