It’s Getting Colder, Not Warmer has an interesting article from yesterday (4/15/10) regarding the start of more extreme winters. Yes it may be getting colder, not warmer…

However, scientists are now warning that Britain can expect to endure a series of extreme winters – the like of which have not seen for more than 300 years.

Researchers have found that low solar activity – marked by a decrease in the sun’s magnetic field – influences the weather conditions across northern Europe.

It has been a long time since this last happened…

The last time the sun showed similar behaviour, between 1650 and 1700, temperatures dropped so low that Londoners were able to skate and hold fairs on the iced-over River Thames.

According to a study published today, we are moving into “an era of low solar activity which is likely to result in UK winter temperatures more like those at the end of the Seventeenth Century.”

According to Mike Lockwood, one of the main researchers, the latest winter marks the start of a Maunder minimum – when solar activity falls for a prolonged time.

The sun’s magnetic field is thought to influence the jet stream – a fast-moving, high altitude current of air which moves eastwards at 35,000ft over the Atlantic.

Better stock up on long underwear if you live in the UK (and perhaps elsewhere)…

“This year’s winter in the UK has been the fourteenth coldest in the last 160 years and yet the global average temperature for the same period has been the fifth highest,” said Prof Lockwood, a space physicist at the University of Reading’s department of meteorology. “We have discovered that this kind of anomaly is significantly more common when solar activity is low,” he added. “Temperatures should not fall as low as they did in 1684 but we can expect an increased number of cold winters.”

You can read the study for yourself.

Here is the link to the IOP Science paper Are cold winters in Europe associated with low solar activity?

So much for CO2 Insanity caused global warming, eh?



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7 responses to “It’s Getting Colder, Not Warmer

  1. I think global warming has just ended for the next 3 to 5 years because of a volcano in Iceland now spewing ash into the upper atmosphere that is now sure to cause the next big worldwide disaster; global cooling.

  2. Al Gore

    Uh oh…..

  3. exposer

    Something’s going on. What it is I’m not exactly sure. High level person’s however do know. The seed vault financed by Bill Gates and others wasn’t built for nothing. Everything in our solar system is in a state of flux and it’s not caused by suv’s or farting cows! The changes occuring are of Biblical proportions. Anyone with half a brain knows that something unusual is taking place. We the people of planet earth are not being told outright why the universe is roiling. Hadron collider, HAARP facility, bombing the moon, etc. doesn’t seem to bother the global warming dunces. You never hear a connection between these hideous experiments and global destruction, do you? Of course not. May God help us all. He is the only Truth that exists and the only Way out of our total destruction!

  4. What we scientists really meant all along is that if the weather is getting cold, CO2 in the atmosphere makes it more cold, and faster. And vice versa (that’s Latin) if the weather is getting warmer. See, it’s an insulator thingy, like a blanket. We need more money for research to be sure how it all works and to make our car payments, but meanwhile just say no to CO2. Thanks.

  5. Skateboardkid

    It’s a little thong called cause and effect. Killing almost all the fish in the sea, polluting rivers with pesticides and fluoride, spewing chemicals in the air by plane/ship/factory/fireplace/and car, pouring out of date pharmaceuticals down the toilet, killing and fencing out most the animals, destroying insect colonies, over farming the soil, exposure to harmful chemicals to living things, out of balance populations thriving; all these have an effect on the condition of the human environment. These are symbiotic systems, when you take one thing out of place; another thing is affected, and so on in a chain of events.

    These are feed back systems, such as the interaction and repair of the winds, ocean currents, air temp., water salinity, availability of sun exposure.

    Over fishing the West Coast killed most the large fish. Without large fish, the sharks eat more seals. Without seals, there are more Sea Urchins. More Sea Urchins means less kelp. With less Kelp, there is less ……..

    No need to drag God into all this. It is science, and unaccountable human selfishness.

  6. Skateboardkid

    This Climategate is a spin just like going after Scooter Libby for leaking the name of an American spy (Valerie Plame), when we should have been going after Bush for fabricating intelligence that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction such as uranium. Instead, we should have been investigating why our president was leaking the name of Joseph Wilson’s wife (Valerie Plame) because Mr. Wilson just stood up in front of a bunch of important people telling them that it is impossible for Iraq to have uranium from Nigers. Yet all us people sat there and argued about, and only complained concerning the releasing the name of a spy, the leak, and not the unjust reason to go to war.

    Some areas will experience droughts such as where I live, others will receive more wet conditions than usual, areas can be warmer while others are cooler. When areas melt, and reflect less sun and thus melt faster, this cold water interacts with the warmer water, the difference in salinity affects it’s direction of movement in the oceans. Thus water currents, and wind direction change, which affects the temps in the area that has changed. Not just humans, but other living things migrate to better weather conditions and where the food has moved. That is why this is called “Global Climate Change”, and NOT “Global Warming”.

    So do you want to investigate this beyond the Scooter Libby Scandal, or are you happy with what the media and the wing nuts on the internet are giving you. All the info is available unless you are a scaredy-cat.

  7. Hilarious! Whatever happens, just keep the money flowing in so that us geniuses can continue to STUDY the situation. We’ll let you know when we come up with something.