Drought? What Drought?

Lake Shasta - Full to the brim!

OK, this isn’t exactly CO2 Insanity, but it’s the same kind of stuff. People telling you there’s a problem when it appears there isn’t one, or isn’t as big of one as they’d like you do believe. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone claimed, or already has claimed that the “drought” in California was caused by global warming.

The liberals that work for California want you to continue thinking there is a drought. What prompted me to write this is I just got home and there was a piece on the news about how California is still having a drought, blah! blah! blah! They must think everybody in the state is a moron or something.  Why do I say that?  For starters look at the above photo of Lake Shasta. It’s 93% full and 108% of normal.  That’s a drought?

If you look at all of the reservoirs, as of today,  they’re an average of 90.46% of normal. As of April 1, 2010 (good timing they had the last snow survey on April Fool’s Day), our snowpack is an average of  123% of normal for this date.  Since then we’ve had more snow, and starting tonight or tomorrow we’re supposed to get bombed by another large storm estimated to add about another foot of snow, not to mention how much more rainfall.

Per the state today the Northern snow level is 112% of normal, the water content is 126% of normal.  I note the Northern snow level as this is what feeds Lake Oroville, the one the state claims to be the main reservoir for water in California. As of today it is 53% full and 66% of normal.  We still have at least one more good storm coming in, not to mention all the snow melt that will happen later when it warms up enough. Think it won’t soon be above normal, possibly full? The only way I’d guess not is if they let too much water out so they can continue to perpetuate the drought fantasy.

I have to ask what is the problem here? Why do we have state officials crying wolf about this? Money? Think about it. Having a drought is the perfect excuse to tax water. It’s also about control and being green. If they can continue to keep us rationing water, they won’t need to be increasing reservoir sizes or building new ones. Makes the Sierra Clubbers very happy I bet.

To see how the lunacy goes even further, they actually want to tear down he dam at Hetch Hetchy Reservoir, which supplies the City of San Francisco with some of the best water in the United States, never mind we need all the water we can get. It’s like a gigantic oxymoron. Ummm…there’s a drought, but ummm, we need to tear down this dam because it’s bad. Go figure.

Last year my water company advised us we were on water rationing, and if we didn’t reduce our water usage by 15%, any water used over that would cost more (penalty via higher rate).  I and many others found this ludicrous as we already conserve and getting our water use down another 15% is tough.

Meanwhile, the guy across the street who waters 7 days a week, rain or shine, 365 days a year, can easily reduce his water usage without hardly thinking about it or causing any damage to plants and lawn, and he’ll be getting better rates because he reduced his excessive use by 15% while  I get screwed because I conserve enough that it’s very difficult if not impossible to reduce much more

I not only found this financially bad for people like me, but I also question if it actually saves any water.  It seems on the face of it to be designed more to make money for the water company than to conserve water.  If they were serious about that, they’d figure out how many gallons should be used per household, and penalize anyone who used more than that.  That might actually conserve water as people who were over watering would not get a great deal by reducing their usage 15% even though they may used 200% more than the guy across the street. It also would be fair to everyone who already conserves.

I will advise you I do believe there is a water problem in California, but I dont believe there is a drought, especially after this year, it’s over, done, finished.  I’ll also advise you that I believe we should conserve water, but that we shouldn’t be put into a position by the government and the Sierra Club types where water turns into a major problem.

We need a change.  We don’t need to wait for numerous lawsuits that take decades to be decided by courts, appeals courts, and finally the Supreme Court before anything happens. We need to get this solved, more water with a little impact as possible on the environment. I feel it can be done if everyone would lose their attitude and compromise.

The state needs to get with the program. The legislature has been passing the buck on this for decades.  They need to do something, or perhaps it’s time the people of California wake up and get rid of them.   Perhaps the new crop will get the message and do something for a change. That certainly beats re-electing the same people who don’t do anything about the same problems, term after term, after term.

It’s gotten bad enough that farmers are now having problems getting enough water to farm.  This is bad for them, bad for the farm workers, and bad for the entire United States.  I find it incredible that back in the 1930’s the people from Oklahoma fled the dust bowl to California as it was green, things grew, water was plentiful and now California is being put in the same position, i.e. turning into a dust bowl. I guess everyone will move back to Oklahoma soon if nothing is done.

We need more reservoirs and to make existing ones store more water.  We have some existing dams that need to be reinforced for earthquakes.  As of now, they can’t even fill some of the reservoirs up all the way because if there’s a large earthquake the dams will fail. They need to be fixed. Water that we could be using is being let go.

You can see from the linked charts at the end (published by the State of California) of this article exactly what the snow levels are and exactly what the levels in the lakes are as percentages of full and as percentages of normal. Per their own word we don’t look in bad shape at all, we still have more rain and snowmelt, too.

You can go here and see the water levels and here (PDF) to see the snow levels.

I know I don’t have all the solutions, but you figure if California is predicted to hit 60 million people by 2050, we need to start doing things now, not wait until we have a bigger problem that will cost more in 2050 to fix than it will today.

This is not a drought problem! It’s an infrastructure, greed and control problem that is mostly political. I resent being lied to about this as much as I do about anthropogenic global warming.

Source: The local newscast.

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  1. owl

    We have had a drought now for 3 years. If this keeps up it will only get worse. We have not come up to average yet, but if we get more snow and rain it may come up to average for this year, but it does not make of for the 2 previous years.