Libtard Media Forms Climate Cabal

From Folio we get the news that some of what I term libtard rags are going to team up to what will no doubt amount to a higher level of propaganda about anthropogenic global warming.

A major partnership that has been in the works since last year has come to fruition. The Atlantic, Mother Jones and Wired, along with Slate, Grist, the Center for Investigative Reporting and PBS current-affairs program “Need to Know,” have teamed up to launch Climate Desk, a project dedicated to exploring the impact of climate change.

As usual you can follow the money.

Hoping to tap into a combined online audience of more than 25 million monthly unique visitors, 1.5 million print readers and an anticipated TV audience of 1.5 million, the group will begin by publishing a series of articles exploring how American businesses are adapting to the liabilities, risks and opportunities surrounding climate change. During the final two weeks of April, two dozen stories on the topic will be posted to partner Web sites as well as

But it isn’t only about making money, evidently they may have a need to save money.  Makes me wonder if some or all of them having financial troubles?

Back in December, The Atlantic editorial director Bob Cohn told FOLIO: that collaboration between news organizations is one important way content creators to help resolve the difficulty in covering expansive, dynamic topics under dwindling resources.

I have to wonder if “dwindling resources” is a keyword for less advertisements?

“Pooling resources, whether it’s money or reporters or technology, can make good sense for outfits that want to remain ambitious in lean times,” he said. “We all still want to beat the other guy, but sometimes the best way to unpack a complex and multi-dimensional story may be to forge ties with like-minded colleagues.”

Well this should be interesting, time will tell what the deal is with what kind of information they end up putting out, if they’re having financial troubles, and if this is going to be a way out, or a black hole.

You can go to their website and see for yourself, if I had to make a prediction I’d say it looks like a loser, but there’s no accounting for how many “warmers” will flock here to get further misinformation.

Sounds like more CO2 Insanity in the making.

Source: Folio Mag

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