WHO Claim is "Baloney!"

Uh oh!  First the IPPC and their glaciers melting by 2035 “mistake” (not to mention numerous other ones in their ‘report’), we now have problems with a World Health Organization (WHO) claim that they’re “on course to halve proportion of people without access to water.”  It’s not CO2 Insanity, but it’s brought by some of the same people (UN) who brought you that.  To to further show you how “credible” the UN and WHO are, please read on.  From this article in The Guardian.

Hundreds of millions of people that the UN declares have gained access to safe water and sanitation are still struggling with polluted supplies and raw sewage, a leading expert has told the Guardian.

Say what?  The UN says they have safe water but it’s still polluted?  Sounds like those melting glaciers and 15-20 foot sea-level rise. Here’s what the report notes.

In its latest report on the progress of the UN Millennium Development Goal to halve the proportion of people lacking access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation, the World Health Organisation said that since 1990 1.3 billion people had gained access to improved drinking water and 500 million better sanitation. The world was on course to “meet or exceed” the water target, it said, but was likely to miss the sanitation goal by nearly 1 billion people.

I can see this one coming, evidently the people who write reports at the UN are clueless again.

However, Prof Asit Biswas, who has advised national governments, six UN agencies and Nato, said official figures showing that many cities and countries had met their targets were “baloney”, and predicted that by the UN deadline of 2015 more people in the world would suffer from these problems than when the goals were first adopted.

Biswas, president of the Third World Centre for Water Management, spoke to the Guardian ahead of a speech tomorrow in which he will tell water industry leaders that inadequate improvements to drinking water and sewage are hiding the true scale of the problem and storing up environmental problems for future generations.

Sounds lolike Bisawas has the bona fides to make his claims.  Here’s what he’s talking about.

If somebody has a well in a town or village in the developing world and we put concrete around the well – nothing else – it becomes an ‘improved source of water’; the quality is the same but you have ‘improved’ the physical structure, which has no impact,” said Biswas. “They are not only underestimating the problem, they are giving the impression the problem is being solved. What I’m trying to say is that’s a bunch of baloney.”

Seems the UN’s idea of improved water quality is to make the well pretty and forget about actually doing something to make it clean.  You’re still drinking the same crap (perhaps literally).

Seems water scarcity isn’t the problem.

Biswas will also tell the Global Water Intelligence conference in Paris that water problems are caused not by physical scarcity of supplies but by poor management, including corruption, interference by politicians and inexperience.

“These are real-life problems, but are we talking about them in the water profession? No. We talk about water scarcity,” the professor said. “With the water we have, and the money we have, we can manage it better.”

Sounds like the UN.  Billions get pumped in, disappear off the face of the Earth, then nothing gets done, then they want more money.  Sounds like they need UNANON to get them unhooked from money addiction and BSANON to get them unhooked from “baloney” addiction. I can easily imagine some “construction company” in a 3rd world country getting a $100,000 to improve a well and spending $100 on cement and labor to make it look pretty and then pocketing the remaining $99,900.

“I’m asking them which planet they are on,” he said.

I’d offer the suggestion that we rename the planet Earth to the planet “Bal0ney.” Seems like we have an endless supply of “baloney” or “bullshit” or “lies” coming out of the UN not to mention all of the other “baloney” we talk about on here that has to to with global warming.

Here’s more proof right from the same horses mouth (UN-WHO) that lied about being half-way to having clean water for everyone.

His comments follow another report last week from the WHO and Unicef, which claimed aid for water and sanitation improvements was falling and that only 42% of money donated to the issue went to where it was needed most.

Frankly, based on the “baloney” level at the UN,  I’d be surprised if it was even 42%.

Barbara Frost, chief executive of the UK-based global charity WaterAid, said: “Here is a global catastrophe which kills more children than HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined and which is holding back all development efforts including health and education.”

From my point of view AGW is “baloney” and here sits a real problem that could be solved if all the money they waste on AGW were spent on a real clean water program.  Then you’d get something for your money besides “baloney.”

Source:  The Guardian.co.uk

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