Another CO2 Oops!

Here we go again.  Another scientific screw-up.

I’ve been reading complaints about how farming is bad for the environment, because when they till the soil it releases all that nasty old CO2, that is supposedly causing all that nasty global warming. Well per the Orange County Record in this article, this isn’t as bad as they thought it was.

ANI reports at Science News that soil microbes are producing less atmospheric carbon dioxide than scientists expected, according to research at our own UCI.

The findings, which included study by Colorado State and Yale universities, are published in the journal Nature Geoscience and conclude that: “Microbes play a central role in ecological processes, and their responses change our understanding of natural communities in fundamental ways.”

As Science News at blog says, “Conventional scientific wisdom holds that even a few degrees of human-caused climate warming will shift fungi and bacteria that consume soil-based carbon into overdrive, and that their growth will accelerate the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.”


The problem is research found otherwise. Darn that pesky research science, getting in the way of “settled science.” Again. Bottom line: instead of speeding up, the microbes were not well adapted and their growth slowed, so did enzyme production.

One researcher remarked: “The issue we have in predicting whether soil carbon loss will accelerate climate warming is that the microbial processes causing this loss are poorly understood.”

Ya think? But what the heck. Let’s go ahead and destroy the world’s economic system on the hunch that politically inspired global warming “scientists” have settled the matter.

They’re not only “politically inspired” many of them are grant money inspired, not to mention AGW seems to be the new dogma of the 21st Century.  I also find it funny you can’t seem to get any grant money if you want it to prove there is no global warming.  But, the real, dedicated scientist seem to be proving every day that warmer science is bunk whether they get paid or not.

Who you going to believe? The dedicated who get no pay? Or, the grant money babies that have turned global whining into a new cottage industry?

Source:  The Orange County Register

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