Green Cremations

Regular old-fashioned cremation may be out of style.  You can now go out with a wash, spin and rinse cycle.  Per this article in the Daily Mail Online.

The funeral business in the UK could soon be revolutionised by an ingenious new  cremation device which looks like a giant tumble dryer.

The Resomator is a green initiative that offers a smokeless alternative to cremation using chemicals  to speed up the decomposition process.

Each device costs a staggering £300,000 and sees the odd-shaped unit  filled up with a mixture of water and potassium hydroxide which speedily  dissolves soft tissues and organs.

The person’s body, in a sealed internal silk or wool coffin, is placed on a stainless steel shelf inside the metal cylinder and then the chamber is heated to 180 degrees under extreme pressure breaking down the body in less than three hours.

Any harmless residue left over is then drained away, leaving the skeleton which is ground to dust ready to be laid to rest.

Sounds like they could use this to make Soylent Green to me.  So who’s buying these things?

They  have already sold three of the machines in America and Canada.

The Resomator cremation system is legal in five U.S. states with units being delivered to Florida,  Minnesota and Toronto in Canada.

I really think  they missed it with the name and the target market.  Imagine had they named it “The Terminator” and marketed it to the Mafia?  I bet sales would be fantastic. Just think, poor Guido wouldn’t be out digging holes in the woods in New Jersey or New York anymore.  They wouldn’t have to sneak into butcher shops in the middle of the night to grind up bodies.  Just keep one of these baby’s in the basement.  Talk about getting rid of your problems, this could take that to whole new level!

Do they have a heavy-duty cycle for morbidly obese people?

Source: The Daily Mail Online

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