NASA Balloon Crash

OK, first we had “Balloon Boy” who wasn’t in the balloon after all, but it did get off the ground and go for quite a distance before coming back to Earth. I don’t know what they spent on their balloon but it couldn’t have been much.

Then we had this guy who spent a whopping $750 on a used camera, weather balloons and duct tape and got some fantastic photos from the edge of space. Yes his balloon worked, too!

Now we get NASA, screwing up again and blowing $2 million tax payer dollars because they can’t figure out how to launch a balloon, something it appears people with way less money and manpower seem to accomplish quite well. Here’s more info from Yahoo News.

This from the people who brought you the global warming data that was so bad they ended up using the CRU’s data, which wasn’t all that either.

More CO2 Insanity.

Source: Yahoo News


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5 responses to “NASA Balloon Crash

  1. Okay, that’s easy:

    NASA Bill of Quantities for balloon

    1. Research on How To Make A Balloon $756 432.00

    2. Compilation and assessment of
    Research $243 568.00

    Well, you get the idea …

  2. Klatu

    N A S A
    need another space agency!!!!!!!

  3. Jason Calley

    Watch how fast the payload pod is dragged across the ground. It is obvious from the video that there were high winds at the time. Why was the launch not rescheduled if the wind was that strong? Was the wind much less earlier and then came in unexpectedly? Are local weather conditions that unpredictable, or was there perhaps a strong desire by managers to launch regardless?

  4. robertsgt40

    The govt has always been inefficient…by design. Good way to harvest the taxpayer…better know as transfer of wealth. Can’t wait for Obamacare. BTW, I will NOT participate.

  5. Joe

    NASA is just a mechanism to funnel tax-payer money into the Military-Industrial Complex.

    I used to admire NASA, but by this point I’ve come to think that they’re well aware of UFOs, and they KNOW there’s at least microbial life on Mars—–but since they are technically part of the U.S. “defense” apparatus (check their charter!–they are NOT technically “civilian”), they can claim ANY discovery could adversely affect “national security”, and therefore are allowed to keep it secret.

    NASA is about militarizing & controlling space, not about honest, open, scientific inquiry w/ information open to all….