EPA Protects US From Perrier!

Today’s comedy relief (as if there isn’t enough surrounding climate change already) is that per this article from John O’Sullivan, we get to see how deep the EPA feels their duty to protect us goes.

While analyzing the federal government’s latest long-winded publication, ‘Climate Action Report, the Fifth National Communication of the United States of America Under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’ I stumbled across something buried deep inside that will dismay (or perhaps amuse) many taxpayers.

Long-winded publication from the Feds? Praytell! Read on!

In the section entitled, ‘Proposed Regulation Facilitating Geologic Sequestration of CO2’ the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has pulled out all the stops to make an even bigger ass of itself. It is introducing a new requirement under the Safe Drinking Water Act to protect U.S. citizens from being ‘poisoned’ from carbon dioxide in drinking water.

Disavowing itself of saner opinion on the matter, the EPA has determined that the ingredient that makes the water’s fizz-that nasty carbon dioxide-is nothing short of an environmental ‘poison.’ But have you ever heard of anyone being poisoned by Perrier?

See the government can do the impossible.  The EPA actually made a “bigger ass out of itself.”

The latest cock-eyed federal policy concerns “a new class of injection well—Class VI” (page 44) that at great expense will inject carbon dioxide (CO2) underground by a process that will inhibit drinking water from becoming as carbonated as fizzy Perrier water. The greenies call this process ‘carbon sequestration,’ in case you didn’t know.

For the billions this will probably cost you’d think we could at least get some Dom Perignon out of it.

Another case of CO2 Insanity……..literally.

Source: Climate Realists

Short bio: John O’Sullivan is a legal analyst and writer who for several years has litigated in government corruption and conspiracy cases in both the US and Britain. Visit his Website: http://www.suite101.com/profile.cfm/johnosullivan

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One response to “EPA Protects US From Perrier!

  1. Mike Davis

    First things first for the EPA! They have put the cart before the horse on this one. As the EPA has ruled that CO2 in a toxic substance they need to provide an example for the rest of the US inhabitants.
    First the EPA as an agency needs to stop consumption of all products that require energy. Then they need to vacate their structures because structures trap their so-called toxic gas. There is a valley in Eastern California that would be a proper relocation site for the Entire organization to live and conduct business without communications because communications require energy. Seeing how the Valley is a National Park the government already controls the land and by this fall it could be reused as a tourist site showing the results of attempting to survive without cheap energy.