California Global Warming Law Businesses Could Flee

Here we have another CO2 Insanity in the works.  California passed a law (AB 32) to combat global warming.  The “Governator” thinks it’s going to create all these “green” businesses and that these “green” businesses will be hiring people by the 100’s of thousands, and the state will get rich off the taxes.

Well Mr. Governator, I’d like to ask you who’s going to stay in California and hire anyone if doing business here becomes more onerous than it already is?

Limiting AB32 is now going to be on the state ballot this November.  It got twice the signatures needed to place the initiative on the ballot. (That give you a clue Arnold?)

Now here’s the Los Angeles Times (a notoriously “warmer” newspaper in my opinion) and they even think there’s a big problem in the works if this bill isn’t whacked at the polls per this article.

A state law that requires power plants, factories and other businesses to cut greenhouse gas emissions could cause energy prices to rise and prompt businesses to delay expansion or flee California, according to a study by the state Legislative Analyst’s Office.

The landmark global warming law, which is being enforced in phases, could put the state’s businesses at a competitive disadvantage unless other states and the federal government come up with similar plans, the study by the nonpartisan agency said.

Frankly, I can’t believe anyone stays in this state to manufacture anything as it is now.  Toyota got the message and closed their NUMMI plant in Fremont, California and they’re shifting to Texas and I don’t blame them.

“Economic leakage” could occur as businesses move to states with lower regulatory costs, the report said. Industries that rely heavily on energy use and trade, such as aluminum, chemical or steel producers, could be disproportionately vulnerable.

I’d say Toyota was your first “economic leakage” Governator. Keep this up, more will follow. (Let’s not forget how screwed up everything else is in California, like the budget, taxes, unemployment, schools, traffic, high taxes, etc., all more good reasons to “flee”).

The California Jobs Initiative said Tuesday that the state’s “go-it-alone approach” would destroy as many as 1.1 million jobs. The coalition, which includes trade groups, politicians and advocacy groups, has a proposition planned for the November ballot that would delay implementation of the law until the state’s 12.6% unemployment rate declines.

Then we have the greentards who must look at the world though green glasses.

Some proponents of the law bashed the report, saying that the study did not weigh the economic benefits of the Global Warming Solutions Act, known as AB 32. It has helped generate thousands of jobs and attracted billions of dollars in clean technology investments, according to an advocacy group, Californians for Clean Energy and Jobs.

So “thousands” of jobs are better than “millions” of jobs.  Must be that new math (the school system in California is a mess, too, this is just more evidence). It gets better.

The boost in green jobs created by focusing on environmentally friendly practices could offset some of the economic damage, according to the report, which was prepared at the request of Assemblyman Dan Logue (R-Marysville).

Now someone please tell me why anyone is going to want to make anything, green or not, in California when they can make it next door in Nevada or Arizona, or Mexico (or in China like most everyone else), where they don’t have cap and trade costs, onerous labor laws, overpriced housing, traffic jams 24×7 (like in LA), etc.

Regardless if I was manufacturing regular goods or “green” products, a business is in business to make a profit, and if it’s more profitable to be someplace else, guess where business will be going?

The report states.

Although the state’s economy could take a hit in the short term, it is so large that the “adverse impacts likely will be relatively modest” in the long run, the report said.

Ummm, what’s the “long run” going to be? 5 years? 10 years? 20 years?  How many people are going to be unemployed in the interim? How many families will go broke and lose their houses? The state is already about $20 billion dollars in the hole, how much more will this be exacerbated by this law?  Do the idiots in Sacramento really think that we’re going to make more tax dollars with businesses leaving and people on unemployment?  Must be that new math again!

Source: Los Angeles Times

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