Global Warming Now Causes "Montezuma’s Revenge"

Yes, you read right, global warming is now the cause of “Montezuma’s Revenge” also known as diarrhea. The list keeps getting longer!  Almost every day something new is caused by global warming! More CO2 Insanity coming faster than a speeding bullet.

Incidences of food poisoning are likely to rise with increased global temperatures, according to a report from the WHO and Malta’s Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Unit.  According to the report, a study on the health effects of climate change in the Maltese islands warns that rising temperatures increase the likelihood of food-borne diseases like salmonella.

The study found 450 cases of diarrheal illness in Malta occurring each day, at a cost of 16 million Euros.  It was also reported that cases of diarrheal illness increase in May, with the rise in temperature, peaking in the summer months. The study looked at an 18 year period of illnesses from 1990-2008.  Part of the increase was blamed on increased outdoor activities involving food such as barbecues.

In view of the increased risks caused by climate change the study calls for “increased public awareness on food safety, hygiene and food preparation.”

The study was authored by Dr Anthony Gatt from the Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Unit and Dr Neville Calleja director of the Health Information and Research Directorate. Results found here.

Really now? I don’t suppose they looked at anything like how food it stored (or not as the case may be – like in refrigerators????) if proper hand washing techniques are used (Pass the soap!), etc.  It’s just gotta be caused by anthropogenic global warming! I guess these geniuses don’t get it.  It gets hotter during the summer (duh!), so when people increase their outdoor activities and leave food out in the heat it spoils (duh!).  Don’t you think if we had global warming a better indication might just be an increase in outdoor activities and food poisoning during the winter?

From EMedicineHealth we get the causes of food poisoning.

Food Poisoning Causes

More than 250 known diseases can be transmitted through food. The CDC estimates unknown or undiscovered agents cause 81% of all food-borne illnesses and related hospitalizations. Many cases of food poisoning are not reported because people suffer mild symptoms and recover quickly. Also, doctors do not test for a cause in every suspected case because it does not change the treatment or the outcome.

  • The known causes of food poisoning can be divided into two categories: infectious agents and toxic agents.
    • Infectious agents include viruses,bacteria, and parasites.
    • Toxic agents include poisonous mushrooms, improperly prepared exotic foods (such as barracuda), or pesticides on fruits and vegetables.
  • Food usually becomes contaminated from poor sanitation or preparation. Food handlers who do not wash their hands after using the bathroom or have infections themselves often cause contamination. Improperly packaged food stored at the wrong temperature also promotes contamination.
  • Interesting and funny that they don’t mention global warming as a cause.

    This is one idea I think I’ll flush. Or, perhaps I’ll get rich by stocking up on toilet paper and selling it at a premium when global warming hits my neighborhood.

    Source:  Food Poison Journal

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