Britain – Green on CO2 Brown on Sewage

Want to go swimming here?

Next time you’re at the beach in Britain, that “German BrownTrout” you see swimming past my actually be a different type of “German Brown.”

Britain, willing to spend untold billions on CO2, with recycling laws so silly they threatened to lock up a 95 year old grandma because she put  a butter tub in the wrong recycling bin, but evidently they literally “don’t give a shit” about what’s turning their water that familiar shade of brown.

Per this article, “Beaches Polluted 5 Times a Day,” from Times Online we get some more CO2 Insanity.

THE scandal of Britain’s dirty seas is revealed this weekend with evidence that raw sewage is being pumped up to five times a day into areas where holidaymakers swim and paddle. And the tag “the dirty man of Europe” looms again after Britain was ranked 18th out of 22 European countries for beach cleanliness.

The Sunday Times has obtained an Environment Agency database revealing tens of thousands of previously undisclosed sewage spills into bathing waters. It reveals:

One overflow sewer pipe at East Looe, southeast Cornwall, was operated 94 times during the summer of 2008, including five discharges in a 24-hour period in July.

Three sewage overflow pipes at Combe Martin in north Devon operated more than 70 times during the 2008 season and more than 50 times in 2009. During one test, there were 23,400 faecal bacteria per 100 millilitres of water, compared with a recommended level for the cleanest beaches of 100 bacteria or fewer.

There were almost 19,000 raw sewage and floodwater spills recorded on the south coast in 2008-9, from Kent to Hampshire. Three sewage overflow pipes on the Isle of Wight were operated more than 100 times each in 2008.

Water companies have invested more than £80 billion since privatisation, and the cleanliness of coastal waters has improved dramatically in the past two decades. However, seaside water quality has declined in the past few years because of sewage from the overflows.

Forget the SPF 30 sunscreen, We have anti-bacterial soap, evidently we now need anti-bacterial sunscreen.

Seems rather insane they worry about CO2 while it’s obviously more dangerous to go swimming.

Source: Times Online

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