If it’s hot….it must be global warming!

My rant today is about all the alarm over a heat-wave in Pakistan.  It’s all over the internet, that there’s a new record of 53.5° C (128.3° F) set.  We’re all going to die! Where’s my sunscreen?

Here we go with the one of the “warmer’s” favorite tricks.  If there is a heat-wave anywhere on the planet, it just absolutely, positively, no doubt about it, gotta be global warming! Funny how when it’s cold, it’s either merely weather or that cold wave is caused by global warming, too! According to this article in the Guardian.

Mohenjo-daro, a ruined city in what is now Pakistan that contains the last traces of a 4,000-year-old civilisation that flourished on the banks of the river Indus, today entered the modern history books after government meteorologists recorded a temperature of 53.7C (129F). Only Al ‘Aziziyah, in Libya (57.8C in 1922), Death valley in California (56.7 in 1913) and Tirat Zvi in Israel (53.9 in 1942) are thought to have been hotter.

Yes so it’s hot.  Big deal, that happens sometimes.  But here’s the kicker.

Some scientists have suggested that the warming experienced around the world this year is strongly linked to warmer than usual currents in the Pacific Ocean, a regular phenomenon known as El Niño. Others say that it is consistent with long-term climate change.

I’ll vote for El Niño myself.  It’s been a pretty big El Niño this time.  Big enough to where California’s reservoirs are all pretty much full from the rain this season and we have a huge snowpack averaging 143% of normal.  Certainly large enough to cause some heat.

You can see more drama here at Climate Progress.

“Hellish heatwave” in Pakistan sets hottest temperature in Asia’s history, 53.5°C (128.3°F); in India, hundreds die, death toll expected to rise as record temperatures soar up to 122°F

UPDATE:  Brutal heatwave in India and Asia discussed at the end.

Wow!  “Hellish-hottest-hundreds die-brutal” sounds like this is so terrible and that it’s never happened before.  Remember the words “hottest temperature in Asia’s history” as I’ll show you this perhaps is a stretch later on.

Isn’t it funny how this works? If you go to the right page here at NASA’s Earth Observatory you’ll see an item about a heat wave in Pakistan dated June 10, 2007. What? 2007? Read on please.  Here’s a snippet to go with the charts.

On June 10, air temperatures in parts of Pakistan reached above 50 degrees Celsius (120 Fahrenheit), and this image indicates that ground temperatures climbed to about 70 degrees Celsius (160 Fahrenheit) in rocky desert regions. By June 13, the heat wave had caused 232 heat-related deaths in Pakistan, said news reports, with additional deaths in neighboring India.

Pakistan Amo

So it’s a mere 3.5° C warmer today and 53.5° C is a big fat hairy deal? A “record?” Hell, it gets hotter than that in Death Valley. As you can see below from the Pakistan Weather Service as of today it’s not that hot all over the country. Those temperatures are a far cry from the 53.5° C they cite. But we got a big temperature, so we have to scream and holler about global warming.


Min. Temp. Recorded on Wednesday in (oC)

Max. Temp. Recorded on Tuesday in (oC)

Rain in mm
Islamabad 27 41 NIL
Karachi 28 36
Lahore 29 45 NIL
Peshawar 28 40 NIL
Quetta 21 34 NIL
Gilgit 14 33 NIL
Muzaffarabad 22 39 NIL
Murree 13 28 NIL
Multan 31 42
Faisalabad 30 43

The highest recorded temperature in Indio, California was 123° F in 1970. That’s only 5° F cooler than this temperature they’re all worried about. Funny I didn’t hear any screaming about global warming back then, they were worried about global cooling and how we were going to have icebergs in the pool in Death Valley or some such nonsense.

It’s amusing that Mohenjo-daro is only 154 feet above sea-level, very low like Death Valley, not to mention it’s climate is, ummm, well……per this little item I came across from here and it’s, well it’s a desert. As you can see below it’s sure not a tropical rain forest.

Mohenjo Daro

Here’s some interesting temperature information that kind of makes this drama out to be what it is.

Although official estimates rarely place the temperature above 46° C, newspaper sources claim that it reaches 51° C and regularly carry reports about people who have succumbed to the heat. Heat records were broken in Multan in June 1993, when the mercury was reported to have risen to 54° C. In August the oppressive heat is punctuated by the rainy season, referred to asbarsat, which brings relief in its wake. The hardest part of the summer is then over, but cooler weather does not come until late October.

54° C? Isn’t that higher than 53.5° C or the 53.7° reported? (They can’t even agree on the temperature depending on which “warmers” you read about it from). Regardless it appears they missed the Asian record mark by 0.5° C to 0.3° C based upon the information I found.

So,  perhaps this isn’t a new record they’re ranting about? Perhaps this isn’t unusual weather for Pakistan and the region?

But it certainly is more global warming bullshit designed to make you pee your pants, send money to Al Gore and his buddies, agree to cow-tow to the UN warmers and let your government carbon tax the snot out of you. Isn’t it?

Source: The Guardian

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