The "Elite" are Screwing You

Been feeling that you’re getting screwed and not kissed over global warming? Here’s a nice article from the Telegraph titled “Middle class in suburbs bearing brunt of liberal elite’s obsession with climate change”

Joel Kotkin, an American expert in social trends, said environmental policies were being used as an excuse to restrict the expansion of the suburbs on the edge of towns and cities.

The result was “a direct assault on the quality of life for millions of working and middle class families”

Yes it is a direct assault, not to mention another case of “do as I say, not as I do,” which seems prevalent in the elite “warmer”crowd of people like Al Gore and his minions and President Obama flying all over the world (does he ever stay in the White House over night?) and all the “warmer’s flying all over the planet to carbon conferences.

Mr Kotkin argued in the report for the Legatum Institute that working and middle class people suffered the most from well intentioned yet-ill thought out policies of liberal and urban elites.

Mr Kotkin said: “Long-term aesthetic arguments against suburbia have now evolved into a new emphasis on ‘sustainability’, largely in terms of greenhouse gas emissions.”

Strict planning controls in the suburbs were ruining people’s quality of life, forcing them to concrete over their gardens, or live in cramped homes.

Yes, they get mansions, we get “cramped homes.”

Mr Kotkin said in the report – ‘The Broken Ladder’ – that the high cost of living in cities like London was squeezing out the working and middle classes.

This isn’t only happening in Britain.  Try the USA, too.  Check out rents and house prices in places like San Francisco and Manhattan. Unless you’re very well off about all you can afford to rent is a large bathroom.  If they keep this up pretty soon they won’t be able to find a maid, nanny, gardener or other servants within 100 miles.  What will the élite do then?  Probably find a way to blame it on global warming. More CO2 Insanity.

Source:  The Telegraph

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  1. Truthfairy

    This is absolute drivel.

    The fossil fuel industry is screwing you, honey, and in the US they paid the Republican party $188 Million since 1990 to block climate science from restricting profit-based free market freedoms, even if it meant destroying the environment &imperiling the planet.

    The end result? Climategate – a free market failure.