I’m back…sort of.

Been offline since Saturday 7/10/10.  I had my site on Blogetery.com which disappeared off the face of the Earth last Saturday when I got up.  I figured it was a server problem and it would be fixed soon. Well, Saturday passed, Sunday passed, Monday passed, then Tuesday and it’s now Wednesday.

I Googled to see what’s going on but to no avail until today.  I contacted Blogetery with no e-mail response.  I finally found out what’s going on today here.

According to this, law enforcement confiscated the server they had and if anyone knows why they’re not talking.  Someone made the assumptions it might have something to do with child porn or unauthorized downloading of music or movies but who knows.  After the Feds arresting all those Russian spies it could even be a national security thing.

I guess we’ll find out sooner or later.

As I don’t want this kind of a thing again what I am in the process of doing is moving my site over to WordPress.  Unfortunately the last time I backed up was June 8th (who knew we’d have this kind of problem – lesson learned we’re doing daily backups from now on).

Hopefully this will get resolved and Blogetery will go back up and I can get the rest of my posts, but if not I guess no one’s going to die over it.

In the meantime I’ll get things up and running as soon as possible.

Talk about CO2 Insanity, we now have server insanity!

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