Oil in the gulf? Nah it’s biodegrading!

Good news for people who actually give a hoot about the oil spill, bad news for those who have been thriving on the drama and using the spill to try to ram more “green” stuff down our throats.

Seems the oil is disappearing in the Gulf.  Mother Nature is already starting the healing process. Seems it is evaporating and even being digested by bacteria. Per Blomberg Businessweek…..

Oil has been dissipating through evaporation since BP stopped the flow from its Macondo well off the coast of Louisiana on July 15, NOAA Administrator Jane Lubchenco told reporters yesterday on a conference call. Crude that’s dispersed into the sea is being gobbled up by bacteria, she said.

Seems NOAA has also decided to open up 26,388 square miles of fishing area because guess what? There’s no oil there. Per NOAA…..

Since mid-June, NOAA data have shown no oil in the area, and United States Coast Guard observers flying over the area in the last 30 days have also not observed any oil. Additionally, trajectory models show the area is at a low risk for future exposure to oil, and fish caught in the area and tested by NOAA experts have shown no signs of contamination.

Terrific news for people in the Gulf who depend on it for a living. Makes me wonder if the spill was actually as bad as it has been made out to be?

This has been somewhat of a panacea for environmentalists who want to stop off-shore oil drilling.  It sure put the brakes on it in California. Since this started the Governator even went into hiding about drilling off the coast in spite of the fact he’d love to stuff a large wad of cash into the state’s coffers and he’s not running for re-election. It’s also being used to try to keep the voters feeling guilty so they won’t effectively negate AB32, California’s retarded global warming law.

It’s also offered a nice platform for the Obama Administration to take advantage of a crisis to try to foist things on us like carbon taxes, allowing the EPA to overstep their bounds and play dictator about regulations, even though this is in the court of Congress.

I hope the well stays capped and the oil dissipates fast. I’m sure some environmentalists are fuming. Their window of opportunity is closing.

Sources: Bloomberg Businesweek, NOAA

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