Handicap & Trade in the West

Here we go, we just get Congress dumping cap & trade and now we get some Western US states and various provinces in Canada trying to usurp the Feds and start their own carbon trading scheme.

The large problem with this is there will be a lot of other states who aren’t participating in this, it’s going to drive costs up for things like power and fuel, which is why I call it Handicap & Trade, because it’s going to handicap the affected (infected?) states and provinces.

So who’s doing this? Well of course we have the Governator (RINO) of California leading the charge and New Mexico (another liberal wonderland), and in Canada we have Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia.

It’s claimed that the savings in fuel will offset the increased costs, but I have serious doubts as I fail to see how you can add costs to energy production and save money. Kind of sounds like Obama spending the US out of dept. You can go to their website here and read all about it. Sounds like more Keynesian economics.

This is it’s going to put the member states at an economic disadvantage. The people who reside in them will find their gas and electric bill rising.  They will also find the costs of other goods will rise, too.  Trucks deliver most everything to most every store you can name.  If the cost of fuel rises, they will pass it on as a fuel surcharge to the recipient (store) who will in turn pass it on to the final purchaser (you the consumer). How many more  people will leave California because it’s too expensive? This is already happening, too.

It will also drive more businesses out of member states. Some have  already fled, some are contemplating it. Companies that manufacture things in the US are already being squeezed by China, so don’t tell me they won’t consider a move to Nevada or Arizona or elsewhere, if they suddenly find the additional costs of a cap-and-trade scheme are reducing or practically eliminating their already slim profit margin.

Why would anyone who’s not suffering from CO2 Insanity not want to move to a state or province with lower labor costs, lower housing costs, lower or no state taxes (no state tax in Nevada), less traffic and no handicap & trade? You’d be foolish not to.

You can already see some of the effects of AB32, California’s greenhouse gas law, taking place.  This has been touted as some panacea for green business in California, but we already have one manufacturer of solar panels going out of business and Solyndra (of President Obama visit fame) has decided not to go public for some reason (like they’re probably losing money and no one would buy their stock). More indication of problems is they just removed the founder/CEO and replaced him with someone else.

Don’t believe me? Read this from their website.

The program design also reflects an understanding that potential future conditions could lead to higher-than expected program costs. To ensure that the program is not only affordable, but also supportive of economic growth and job creation, the WCI Partner jurisdictions are considering a number of options to address unforeseen circumstances. These include an allowance reserve in the event of high-price conditions, increased flexibility regarding compliance periods, and special purpose mechanisms to address specific local conditions.

That should tell you about all you need to know.  After all their blathering the bottom line is they waffle about the costs. A sure indication, that like about anything else the government sticks their nose into the cost will end up probably being 2-3 times or more of the original estimate.

Yet more CO2 Insanity.

Sources: AP Via Google News and WCI

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