Burn garbage in your backyard? CO2 Insanity.

I remember when I was 6 or 7 years old (circa: 1959-1960) my great-grandfather’s house had a large brick fire pit in the backyard. They would burn garage, tree trimmings, grass clippings, leaves, if it would burn, they’d do that instead of putting it in the garbage. Then one day the city came along and banned burning your garbage. They said the pollution was bad. Now that I’m old and suspicious, I’d venture a guess that someone at city hall probably got a kickback from the garbage company and what better way to double or triple the business overnight than to ban garbage burning. Same thing happened with the well they had.  One day they got told it was “polluted” and they couldn’t even use it for watering plants, so they had to hook up to the city water.  Again what a great way to increase your profits.

Nevertheless, they’re so crazy about smoke in the air now that in the San Francisco Bay Area you can’t even use your fireplace on “no burn” nights during the winter months when there’s an inversion layer that prevents the smoke from rising.  You can be fined $400 if you get caught. It’s fostered a climate of neighbors ratting on neighbors for using their fireplace when they’re not supposed to, and they even have their minions of otherwise useless government employees scurrying about (on overtime during nights and weekends mind you) the area looking for smoke coming from chimneys.

So why bring this up? Well it seem the nutty British have a new plan. Not quite burning garbage in your backyard like in the old days, but close to it. It seems some “genius” over there has decided that burning garbage will be a terrific way to reduce the amount of garbage going into land fills. Problem is, it evidently isn’t going to be trucked to some incinerator miles away from your community, it seems they want to put local ones all over the place. That should provide an aroma in the air that only a garbage man could love.

It also means the Government will have to build 500 new energy from waste plants to deal with the biodegradable waste.

Besides the aroma, what about all the CO2 this is going to pump out? Anybody thing of that? One would think this would be a gigantic no-no because it will contribute to global warming. Not to mention what will 500 of these cost? What about the cost in people hacking up lungs from all the fine particulate pollution? Oh well, with the “wonderful” British healthcare system they probably will die before they get an appointment anyway.

I don’t see any figures on the financial aspects of this either. While they will be using the plants to generate electricity, how much will they generate, how much will they cost to build, and how many years, or decades before they’ve even paid for themselves, much less turn a profit. Knowing that any government is a bureaucracy waiting to happen, I’d surmise this will create another government fiefdom called something like the “Ministry of Garbage Flambeau” with a thousands more government employees doing important things like shoveling papers around their desks?

Talk about CO2 Insanity, this is it.

Source: Telegraph.co.uk

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