Peru Freezing! AGW? Yeah right!

Oops! Peru declares a state of emergency, temperatures have dropped to a 50 year low and below -11F in 16 of Peru’s 25 regions, but yup, we’re all going to die from global warming. Per the Guardian…..

Reports from the country say 409 people, most of them children, have already died from the cold, with temperatures predicted to fall further in coming weeks.

It’s not just this year either….

“Over the past three or four years we have seen temperatures during the winter months get lower, and people are unable to survive this,” said Silvia Noble, from Plan Peru, an NGO. “This cold weather is now extending into areas that never saw these low temperatures before…”

The freeze is also killing hundreds of alpaca.

Well, where’s all that global warming when you need it? I also wonder about all those melting glaciers we supposedly have in South America? Think they’re really melting with these well below zero temperatures?

I know, I know……the “warmers will again say that the cold is due to global warming, just like they did about the nasty weather last winter in the UK and Eastern United States, which was proven to be caused by the perfect weather system, not global warming.

More CO2 Insanity!

Source: The Guardian

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