“Satellite-gate” NOAA data 10-15° high

"NOTICE: Due to degradation of a satellite sensor used by this mapping product, some images have exhibited extreme high and low surface temperatures. “Please disregard these images as anomalies. Future images will not include data from the degraded satellite and images caused by the faulty satellite sensor will be/have been removed from the image archive.”

NOAA goes “Oops!” again. We reported the other day here about satellite-gate, where we see problems with the current Landsat 7 satellite and problems with new satellites about to be launched that have been neutered of many sensors they should have functioning. I speculated at the time that the satellites may have been neutered deliberately because if allowed to actually provide any real data it might prove that global warming was the crock of shit that I and many others think it is. Evidently there’s more problems with another current satellite.

This afternoon I got the following e-mail from John O’ Sullivan, which is below.


It seems judging by the US Govt’s reaction to my article yesterday we now have a major controversy brewing over a malfunction with climate sensors onboard the ‘NOAA-16’ satellite.
The entire data set has been removed from the official NOAA government website. Disclaimers have been posted and NOAA are declining to answer my questions as to whether a decade’s worth of North American satellite data is will discredited and will now have to be junked. If my requests are repeatedly ignored/denied I shall file an order to show cause in the federal court and cite FOIA.
Per John’s article we can see more on how NOAA is deleting data and hiding from telling people the truth, which sounds strangely like the antics surrounding climategate. Instead of “hide the decline,” it’s increase the angle.
US Government admits satellite temperature readings “degraded.” All data taken offline in shock move. Global warming temperatures may be 10 to 15 degrees too high.The fault was first detected after a tip-off from an anonymous member of the public to climate skeptic blog, Climate Change Fraud (view original article) (August 9, 2010).

You can read the whole original articles at the above links. My comments on an article published at CO2 Insanity about Landsat 7 being wanked and the new satellites not having all the sensors they were planned to have is here if you wish to avail yourself of something besides global warming BS. I also posted a few terse comments here about the fraudulent 600 degree temperature John O’Sullivan wrote about. Below is what NOAA’s Chuck Phistis said after NOAA first denied any problems existed.

I just relooked and (sic) the image again AND IT IS in my archive. I do not know why the temperatures were so inaccurate (sic). It appears to have been a malfunction in the satellite. WE have posted thousands if (sic) images since the inauguration of our Coatwatch (sic) service in 1994. I have never seen one like this.”

Yes Chuck, 612 degrees is just a bit on the high side. No wonder we have all these “warmers” scurrying about claiming it’s the warmest year on record. Lying bastards, dumb bastards, or malfunctioning satellite (perhaps Janet Jackson runs it?), it doesn’t matter to me, there’s a rather large elephant in the global warming bathtub that is warming the water from tepid to boiling over. It gets better per the below quote.

But the spokesman for the Michigan Sea Grant Extension, a ‘Coastwatch’ partner with NOAA screening the offending data, then confessed that its hastily hidden web pages had, indeed, showed dozens of temperature recordings three or four times higher than seasonal norms.

This makes me wonder if “dozens” is merely the tip of the old iceberg? If you start linking all this together and tie in the fact that data is being yanked off their website in what appears a blatant attempt to cover this all up, it appears that the pendulum is swinging even more towards the global warming is BS direction.

Data like this gets used by the MET Office, James Hansen at GISS, the IPCC and  a host of others who are trying to make it seem like global warming is going to burn us to a crisp any minute, not to mention other people who are using this fraudulent data to bolster things like sea-level rises and melting ice at the poles. Then all of this phony data gets used by the people who want to bring  you carbon trading and carbon tax you into the poor house like Al Gore and his carbon cabal,

So far the only global warming I’m convinced of is “inconveniently” in Al Gore’s pants. I’m sure the “sex crazed poodle” is finding out the real meaning of “inconvenient truth.” Perhaps in addition to inventing global warming and inventing the internet Al was the inventor of hot pants?

More CO2 Insanity.

Source: Climate Change Fraud – John O’Sullivan

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  1. Robert Wilkerson

    I plan to notify my representatives to see what kind of explanation they may have.