See how they (Greenpeace) lie!

Here’s a good one from Gerd Liepold, outgoing Greenpeace leader telling you about how they exaggerate. No ice by 2030? That has about as much chance of happening as global warming, or Santa coming down your chimney, or Obama registering as a Republican. Again you have ecotards who think the general public are all morons.  I’m really amazed his nose wasn’t growing ala Pinocchio.

Sounds like them telling the truth has about as much of a chance, too.

Another case of CO2 Insanity.


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2 responses to “See how they (Greenpeace) lie!

  1. The interesting thing about these so-called intellectuals is that they actually believe their nonsense. They actually believe that humans are ruining the planet while ignoring its climate history.

    • JLP

      We are ruining the planet, for sure. We are consuming the natural resources at an unsustainable rate. Perhaps they all exaggerate, but if you brought back a person from 2000 years ago to this age, perhaps you would listen to that guy…