Sierra Club gets ‘asses kicked’ again today

Sounds like the Sierra Club is having a bad day. Perhaps it’s karma for all the money they cost taxpayers and consumers via their greentard lawsuits.

From the Hill we hear them lamenting that “green groups are getting their ‘asses kicked’ in Washington.”

Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune said “clean energy” advocates are getting their “asses kicked” inside the Beltway and is calling on environmental groups to rethink their strategies following the collapse of climate change legislation.

Who’s lamenting? I’m perfectly OK with no climate legislation and I hope it stays that way because it’s not any more of a real problem than Captain Kirk having problems on Star Trek is.

Next we get what amounts to perhaps the stupid moment of the year.

“The first thing we need to do is a good assessment of what went wrong. We should not try to do the same thing and expect a different result. We need to rethink what the best way is to build momentum to fight climate change.

Evidently he just doesn’t get the fact that the reason there’s a problem is because most of us with gray matter inside our cranium have figured out that anthropogenic global warming is a fraud and a hoax. If you want to know what went wrong how about telling people the truth and cease all the hysteria?

He proceeds to lay blame per below. Of course it just couldn’t be that the general public isn’t as stupid as the “warmers” think they are could it? Nah they’re all “geniuses” and the public are dumb.

“As advocates for clean energy we’re getting our asses kicked inside the Beltway, and part of the reason is that the oil and coal companies and, in many cases, the natural gas companies, have a much more powerful, much more dominant voice,” he said.

This is just too funny. Now he’s complaining about natural gas companies. Last I heart it’s one of the cleaner ways to get power without shredding birds or glowing in the dark. Shows you they really don’t like anything at all. What about nuclear? Oh yeah……

He warned against climate legislation that heaps subsidies on “clean” coal and nuclear power…..

Nope, can’t have nuclear either. I suppose if they get their greentard way and we all move back into caves they’ll be complaining about the smoke coming from the fire. Oh wait….we already have that in the San Francisco Bay Area because on certain nights it’s illegal to use your fireplace. I guess we can just all freeze to death, which I’m sure will make the Sierra Club happy, providing any of them are left alive.

More CO2 Insanity. Something I wish we’d run out of.

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