Back in the old days, if you got in the KGB’s way, you were probably at least going to your favorite Siberian Gulag to enjoy that 50 below zero Siberian global warming for the rest of your life, or you were just terminated.

Nowadays it’s get in CARB’s way and they won’t send you to a gulag or terminate you, but it appears they may see that your job is terminated.

From we get the following ugly picture of what happens when you try to be honest and expose the lies and fraud.

Dr. James Enstrom was instrumental in exposing the Hien Tran fraud and the violation of state statutes in the appointments of the CARB Scientific Board. A law suit is pending.  Dr. Enstrom’s research contradicted that of Hien Tran, who claimed to hold a PhD and was the lead author of a report which CARB used to justify bad, new, industry killing regulations for diesel trucks and buses. Tran’s PhD was actually from a diploma mill.  In 2008 Dr. Enstrom’s letter to the California Air Resources Board was Ignored.  CARB’s Mary Nichols and Dr. John Balmes (UCSF) knew of the Tran fraud and attempted a cover-up until the story hit the press. Industry leaders now question if Dr. Enstrom was fired for being a whistle blower.

This isn’t government anymore it’s getting to be like the USSR or the Third Reich. The people at CARB, and many other people associated with the global warming fraud being perpetuated on the public will to go just about any lengths to get rid of the competition. They act like they care about the public welfare, but based upon this little episode (and many others) the preponderance of evidence points towards CARB wanting to foist their greentard lifestyle upon everyone in California, regardless whether their evidence was produced by someone with a phony PhD and regardless if it’s the truth or not.  It’s not about that, it’s about keeping their CARB fiefdom going and expanding the role of government in your everyday life.

If they continue to get away with this type of crap it won’t just end with regulations for diesel trucks. It will grow regulation by regulation by regulation until they will tell you what car you will drive (or that you can’t drive anymore), how many lights you can have in your house and how long you can leave them on, what days you can use your heater or air conditioner, how many children you can have (hint 2 maintains zero population growth supposedly), etc.

This isn’t about global warming, or about clean air, or renewable energy, it’s about power and money and control. You can read the whole letter here, of you follow the links in the quote you can find out about how CARB will employ a phony PhD as long as that phony is putting forth the kind of information that goes along with their program.

Remember to vote. It’s the only way to stop this kind of fraud.


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