The Arctic is not melting

The “warmers’ are such an amazing propaganda machine. Joseph Goebbels, the king of Nazi propaganda, surely would feel like a proud papa were he to return from his well deserved visit to Hell. At least the “warmers” haven’t sent us “skeptics” to concentration camps, yet. Though I’d wager some would love to. Words like honesty, truth, accuracy, and reality are apparently not in their vocabulary.  People such as Adolf Hitler, Vladimir Lenin and William James (father of modern psychology) have all made statements to the effect of “tell a lie often enough and people will believe it, ” which kind of sounds like the “warmer” mantra.

Speaking of Hell, the “warmers” want you to think it’s hotter than Hell in the Arctic this year. But is it? Or, is this just another case of mass propaganda put out by the “warmers” to be foisted upon the public by a mainstream media who are either clueless, in cahoots with them, or both.

If you read any previous posts on here you’re aware of some “funny” things going on with how data is collected by NOAA, GISS, NASA, etc. We’ve had

  • 612 degree temperatures in Egg Harbor, Wisconsin.
  • Satellite-gate about how the Landsat 7 satellite doesn’t work all that well, and how new, yet to be launched satellites, will be missing a lot of sensors they should have aboard.
  • Satellite-gate 10-15 About how the  NOAA data is 10-15 degrees high due to satellite data being incorrect.

We have some wacky people and government agencies providing some very wacky data, that, as evidenced by the deletion of satellite sensor arrays from those new satellites, leads me to surmise that something is rotten.

I did find some  more information which leads me to the conclusion that the data they use is perpetuating a fraud upon the general public. Many “eat” the “alarmist” newspaper articles, TV shows and “alarmist” website BS up like candy. Remember, newspapers are a hurting industry, they’re in business to sell papers and they need sensationalism to sell papers. You can say the same about TV and internet.

An article titled “No problem in the Arctic – Plenty of Sea-Ice – No global warming – you can relax now” isn’t going to sell many papers. An article titled “Sea-Ice Melting! No Arctic Ice by 2030! We’re all gonna die!” will certainly get the general public’s attention. Toss in some Photoshopped pictures of polar bears sitting on mini-icebergs, and the  “alarmist” BS about the iceberg that just broke off a glacier in Greenland (here), and you’re going to sell lots of news.

This morning I found an article at Pajamas Media about how NOAA and GISS are obtaining their alleged Arctic temperatures. They then use this faux data to make claims that it’s really hot up there, the ice is melting, the polar bears are dying, and you’ll be able to sail the Queen Mary though the new Northwest Passage in a couple of decades because due to global warming the polar cap will melt. Below is one snippet.

In the case of the Arctic that one thermometer and the few that are on the fringe of the Arctic are used to calculate the average temperature of everything north of eighty degrees. When one uses a 250-degree smoothing factor for the data from GISS, the truth is suddenly and shockingly revealed: they don’t have any thermometers north of eighty degrees and very few north of sixty degrees. The 1,200 kilometer smoothing floods the Arctic with assumed temperature readings that don’t actually exist.

So what does this all mean in miles? To get into further detail than the PJ article, each degree of latitude is approximately 69 miles. From 80 degrees north, where their highest (if I read the article right theres’ only 1)sensor is, it is about 690 miles to the North Pole (90 degrees north), (10 degrees x 69 miles = 690 miles). For an equivalent it’s like having a sensor in Salt Lake City, Utah and claiming the temperature there is the temperature in San Francisco, California.  You can see approximate degrees latitude and approximate distances on the below map.

From 60 degrees north, the line where most sensors cease to exist, it’s approximately 2,070 miles (30 degrees x 69 miles =2,070 miles). That’s like having a sensor in San Francisco, California and using it to ascertain the temperature in St. Louis, Missouri. Again, an extremely long distance to be claiming one temperature is the same as the other.

The 1,2oo kilometer smoothing basically means that they will take one sensor and use it as data for the whole area in a 1,200 kilometer 360 degree radius. What’s 1,200 kilometers? It is the equivalent of 745 miles. The approximate distance from San Francisco, California to Phoenix, Arizona. To give you an idea of what kind of temperature disparity this kind of “smoothing” can cause, as I write, it’s 56 degrees in San Francisco. In Phoenix it’s 99 degrees. Get the point? It’s called how to warm things up for the general public, many of who read these things without understanding them or bothering to do any research on whether the article, website, or TV show is being realistic or “alarmist.”

As en example, using their method, I could create a chart now showing that it’s 99 degrees in San Francisco when it’s really 43 degrees cooler because I’m using that 1200 km “smoothing” that allows me to effectively cheat and claim the temperatures are the same in both cities, regardless how preposterous the claim is. This is one way you get all the claimed global warming. Toss in that satellite data that is 10-15 degrees higher and you have voilà, the “hottest June,” “the hottest 6 months,” “the hottest year,” Hopefully you get the point that it’s tantamount to a lot of “hot air” and as far as reality is concerned, it’s not much scientific value, unless you’re into science fiction stories.

Now let’s get to the sea-ice extent in the Arctic and what’s really happening at the north and south poles vs. what the “warmers” would like you to believe. As far as the “warmers” are concerned that Arctic sea-ice is melting at record rates. It’s yet more proof of global warming and designed to foster the false belief that we’ll soon all think we’re roasting in Hell with Joseph Goebbels, unless we start worshipping at the Church of Global Warming and put lots of money in that basket when it’s passed around. What I call “Alarmism” at its best.

The website Watts Up with That has a nice sea-ice page with all the latest charts on what the sea-ice extent is doing. They’re regularly updated, too, which is good because you’re not looking at old or faux data, it’s right from the source in real-time. Per his “Sea Ice News 18” summer is over in the Arctic. The ice shouldn’t be melting anymore, it should start building now that it’s getting colder. Per the chart below you can see  for yourself that the temperature has peaked and is now dropping.

Per the next chart below, you can plainly see (the red line) that it’s not as bad as the “alarmist” have made it out to be. It’s better than 2oo7 (purple line) and 2008 (green line) and actually seems to be on course, so far, with 2009 (blue line). Please note that 2009 was better (more ice) than 2007, which is the year the “warmers” tout as proof we’re melting like the Wicked Witch of the North in the Wizard of Oz.

You’ll see there is one small period where 2010 drops slightly below 2007, which has also been flying around the MSM as proof that the ice is melting. The only problem is this only lasted a matter of days before it changed back. Notice you didn’t hear anything about that in the MSM, did you? They don’t want you to know that it was only a blip on the radar. They’ll take any tidbit they can find and use it to preach global warming.

You should check out Watts Up with that here as they have more charts and explanations about what’s happening in the Arctic and the Antarctic.

By the way the Antarctic isn’t melting away either. You can plainly see per the below chart that 2010 (red line) is probably going to set a record as the sea-ice extent is significantly higher than 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and even 2009. Something else you don’t hear from the MSM.

This is how they get you sucked into believing in global warming. They use data with missing chunks, incorrect data, skewed data, non-existent data, manufactured data, and do nice little “scientific” things like 1,200 km smoothing, which allows one to use a higher temperature from half a continent away as the data you want to claim is in an area that you want to show is warming,

Don’t believe me? Here’s a quote attributed to Dr. James Hansen, Director of the Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS).

The 12-month running mean global temperature in the GISS analysis has reached a new record in 2010. The main factor is our estimated temperature change for the Arctic region.

Hell, who needs reality? Let’s just estimate what we want the public to hear! Will this type of CO Insanity ever go away? I”m not holding my breath.

Sources: Pajamas Media, Watts Up With That


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11 responses to “The Arctic is not melting

  1. JLP


    I read your article, and I think this type of writing is trying to divert attention to a non important topic. Is the World warmer or not? This is irrelevant.

    The fact is that we ARE having a print in the Earth, and that such print is not sustainable, and it will lead to the total consumption of resources.

    Are we responsible for the extinction of some species? Yes. All? No. How would you explain that the shark population is now 10% after 400 million years of history?

    Do we need to have sustainable sources of energy? Yes. Do we need to keep using oil? Yes. Do we need to increase energy consumption and generation efficiency? Yes. All these are yes.

  2. Talk about changing the subject. This is about tainted and false data not sustainable energy. Just because I think global warming is a fraud does not mean I’m for raping the earth and polluting. I think you’re confused. You want more false data? Read about how NOAA shuttered a satellite because of the false data it was providing. Data that all the warmers are using to base their false claims of anthropogenic global warming on.

    There are plenty of legitimate reasons to improve things such as sustainable energy and reducing pollution, providing clean water, etc. Think of all the billions of dollars wasted on phony data like this and perpetuating the global warming fraud that could have been better spent on other projects that are real such as clean water, sustainable energy, etc.

    I don’t know when people like you will wake up and realize that people and governments alike are promoting AGW so they can make billions on carbon trading schemes and carbon taxing.

    That’s what this is about. Fraud.

  3. Urod

    … how about the rising levels of the oceans ?

    There , we don’t need thermometers placed in heat islands , nor corrupt scientists/politicians/business/Bilderbergs/Rothschilds .
    Why the documented rising ocean levels doesn’t come into play seriously ?
    Specially when the fosiles of a certain specie of coral that grows exclusevely on the water edge was found eight meters above the present ocean level on a tropical island free of tectonic/volcanism activity for millions of years …
    So , are we just eight meters away from the Peak of the present Earth warming , and than we’ll decend into the next Glaciation ? And no human Activity can change it … ( Booo to the Taxes ! ) .
    See also another world , an arm’s lenght away , at , future shocking .

  4. if global warming is fraud, why are temperatures consistently beating record levels in Europe (where I happen to live) for the past 7 years now every single summer? It started back in 2003 with heat waves in France when at least 15.000 people died. It’s been like this every summer since.
    Do I believe YOU, or my thermometer and my OWN body that tells me how unusually hot it is when I go outside?
    What about all that crazy weather MOST of Northern hemisphere is experiencing? As a matter of fact, colder winters and a lot of rain are exactly what will occur because of global warming. global warming. Warmer oceans and seas evaporate more, and more snow happens. Do you know the temperature of our Black Sea here was 31 degrees C for a whole month now? Oh but that’s normal, right? Let me tell you: it isn’t. We had 37 in the shade today again. let me tell you: these are NOT normal temperatures for where I live.

    Don’t give me graphs and photos please. Don’t you feel the hot temperatures yourself? Where do you live? Or are you SO delusional you believe your OWN mantra that it’s NOT warmer?

    • Plamen,

      Why no mention the cold temperatures this year in N. California, Oregon and Washington? Why don’t you mention the freezing temperatures in S. America where people and animals are freezing to death, where it’s has snowed in places where there’s no living memory of it having snowed before?

      Oh yes, that’s right, if it’s warm it must be global warming and we’ll forget all the cold spots around the globe because that’s not in our warmer booklet. You really should try some reality sometime.

      You could read about why the heatwave in Russia, too. It’s not global warming, it’s weather. Same about the heatwave in the US northeast.

  5. JLP

    I am not saying Gl0bal warming is or isn’t, I just say that whatever happens in 5 years will not be enough as proof or evidence. It is a fact that The Earth has cycles and this will be one of the most strong counterarguments. This is why I am saying that putting the “Global Warming” title is a waste of time.

    However, not so disputable is that our current way of life is not sustainable, and that some natural resources eventually will fade and perish. We are destroying our planet, how far we are is irrelevant to the fact that we need to act today.

  6. Ld Elon

    Visit to hell, why wher is that, its funny i gatherd WE was already in it.
    I guess he was reborn like the rest of US human sufruz.

  7. Der Logik Deines Artikels kann ich total folgen, gut gemacht!