What’s better for weather forecasts an £30,000,000 or an £1000 computer?

Who do you trust more? An £1000 computer or an £30 million computer?

The good old MET Office in the UK should be so embarrassed by this.  Here we have one person with a £1,000 weather station who is evidently more accurate than the MET Office with their £30 million and a building full of people.

Per the Daily Mail today here, the local farmers have much more confidence in a local named Simon Cansick compared to the MET Office. If you read up on things you should remember the MET Office seems to regularly screw their forecasts up, not to mention global warming predictions. They’re the entity who brought you.

  • The forecast for a “barbecue summer” that never did really get that hot
  • The forecast that the 2009-2010 winter in the UK would be the “warmest on record” which turned out to be the coldest in 30 years.
  • The great ash cloud forecast when the volcano in Iceland went off that grounded the airline industry in most of Europe for days, costing billions and was inaccurate, a result of a useless computer model. (garbage in garbage out).

Simon just finally got tired of the BS.

The Met Office’s forecasts were guaranteed to drive Simon Cansick and his neighbours into a deep depression.

It seemed the professional weather experts could never get it right.

So 47-year-old Mr Cansick decided to see if he could do better himself.

He bought his own weather station, positioned it on the roof and linked it to the internet.

So what was the result? This made me laugh.

And it has proved so accurate that farmers in the North Yorkshire village of Duggleby, near Malton, are ignoring the Met Office forecasts in favour of his readings.

Well, chalk up another MET Office failure to what appears to be a growing list. This is why I laugh at their global warming predictions. They can’t even beat an amateur on the forecast for next day, so why should anyone believe anything else they come up with?

Source: Daily Mail

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