Soylent Green comes true (almost)

Hi, I'm Soylent Barnie and I may be your food of the future!

Remember that movie “Soylent Green”about Earth’s screwed up future? It starred Charlton Heston and Edward G. Robinson.

Earth was hot, the economy was shot and food was not. There was mass suffering everywhere. (Reminds me of the predictions from some “warmer” sites I visit – perhaps they use “Soylent Green” as a model of the future?)

Instead of food the government hands out little food wafers, the most popular being “Soylent Green,” which turns out to be made from people.

They not only had to put up with global warming and food shortages they had to be cannibals, too. (Not to mention those damn politicians who were still overpaid, underworked and living in luxury off the tax-payers titty in high-rise apartments with real food and plenty of hookers. Kind of reminds me of Washington, DC.)

So what do we get now? Why it’s good old-fashioned artificial meat. Yes, that’s right, it’s not made from people, it’s “artificial!” Actually, I thought perhaps that’s what I was getting at some fast-food restaurants already, but they may not even know what their “mystery meat” is made of.

According to this article in the Telegraph, it’s “made in a giant vat”, and if the picture below is right it’s purple. Crap! I sincerely hope this isn’t made from Barney, or perhaps that’s actually a good idea that parents the world over might endorse. (Just think of it – no more Barney on TV!)

No this isn't "Vat 69" it may be your next meal

So, what’s it really going to be made from? Cloned cows? Plastic? Recycled garbage leftovers? (Perhaps that’s why they want your food scrapings in a separate bucket?) Nope. Per the article it’s going to be made using……

He added that another could be the use of nanotechnology, or molecular engineering, to deliver medication to livestock, which could increase their efficiency.

Other answers put forward were: increased yields from plants due to higher levels of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere on which they feed; genetic modification; lowering food waste by encouraging people only to buy what they will use; or by developing food technology so agriculture produces less greenhouse gases.

OK I don’t see any artificial meat in the aforementioned, so far it’s only real genuine food. So basically what we have here is a failure to have any kind of clue at all about what this artificial meat is going to be made of.

I vote we look at reality. We’re going to have overpopulation (the article claims 9 billion people by 2050), so let’s go back to good old Soylent Green. There should be more than an ample supply, and if you think about it, we’d be reducing the population at the same time.  What I call the proverbial win-win situation if ever there was.

Oh well, if that doesn’t work there’s always Barney.

Definitely a CO2 Insanity kind of article.

Source: The Telegraph

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