Sierra Club sticks nose in Oakland mayors race, gets it “bit off”

Uh oh! Someone's trying to bite my nose off!

Evidently the Sierra Club is out to get a beating this month. First they lost to coal (here), then they complained about getting “their asses kicked” (here), now they’ve stuck their nose into the Oakland, California mayors race by trying to limit who will be at the “Green Oakland” forum they’re sponsoring. To make matters worse, they sent an e-mail to someone who’s not even running for mayor.

Here’s some snippets from what’ I’d term the flaming retort.

This is, if it’s real, without a doubt the most awful email I’ve ever seen in Oakland politics. First, I’m not running for Mayor of Oakland. Second, I’m a video-blogger, which means I intend to make the transmission public. Third, do you realize that the reasons stated for having just three candidates at the “Green Forum” add up to a silly, giant, unfunny joke on the people of Oakland?

The Sierra Club has no business sticking its nose in Oakland politics to try and rig an election. Oaklanders deserve to see and hear from each person running for Mayor of Oakland.

That The Sierra Club, that great organization that seems to pride itself on intellect or at least has cultivated such a brand identity, can’t solve this math and logistics problem presented is both hilarious and sad.

You can read the whole hilarious post at the source: SFGate.

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