The greentard lifestyle prototype has arrived

Ever wonder what the greentards really want us to live like? Well, we now have a shining example from Britain. Here’s a guy who lives with no money in a free trailer, grows his own food and even makes his own hard cider.

I’d bet the greentards would complain about the trailer though. It probably has wood paneling inside that’s been treated with formaldehyde or some chemical that might make his teeth and hair fall out some day. They’d probably prefer he lived in a cave, much more “green chick” than a pint-sized mobile home. Perhaps he should be wearing an animal hide instead of jeans.  Nah, then PETA would get mad. Per the Telegraph…..

Mark Boyle, 31, gave up using money in November 2008. He lives in a caravan that he got from Freecycle (, which is parked at an organic farm near Bristol, where Boyle volunteers three days a week. He grows his own food, has a wood-burning stove and produces electricity from a solar panel (it cost £360 before the experiment started). He has a mobile telephone for incoming calls only and a solar-powered laptop.

The trailer does have its advantages over a cave though. No bats, no creepy crawler bugs and if your neighbors are spewing out pollution from their CO2 contraptions like cars, motorcycles, gas lawnmowers, or having beans for dinner (ewww methane) well, you can always move.

But wait, if you want to move you’ll have to probably get a truck to do the pulling and spew out that nasty CO2. Oh well, so much for that thought. Woodburning stove? For shame! That’s pumping out CO2 and other assorted pollutants. Perhaps he’s not as green as he appears.

You can read the rest of the article here at the Telegraph and see what this guy looks like.  I’m sure all the “Earth Mothers” with unshaven legs and braided armpits will fall in love with him at first glance, supermodels will probably look elsewhere.

I guess that old song from the early 60’s “Alley Oop” will soon be back in vogue as the official song of the greentard movement. If you never heard of Alley Oop, go here.

Source: Telegraph

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