Cheech and Chong would be proud of this one. If you remember their movie “Up in Smoke” they smuggled a van made of hemp (aka: Marijuana) across the Mexican border and into Los Angeles. When it caught on fire the results were…..ummmmm……interesting indeed.

We now have a car that may be made of hemp (aka: marijuana). I’m sure this will really be a hit in California, especially if  Proposition 19 (the Marijuana Legalization Initiative) passes. I do believe making a car from hemp may cause some global confusion.

Imagine getting up in the morning and wondering if you should drive to work or stay home and smoke your car? Imagine firefighters on the scene of a burning hempmobile. Will they put it out? Or fan the fire and inhale deeply? Would it be considered child abuse to drive your kids around in one? It may have the good effect of reducing marijuana smuggling from Mexico, but I would imagine car theft might increase dramatically. Will the California Air Resources Board outlaw driving them on spare the air days because they might catch fire and increase air pollution? (not to mention accidents). When the California Highway Patrol pulls you over in one will they cite your for speeding or illegal drug smuggling? What will they use for body and fender repairs? Will Bondo now come with hemp mixed in? Will your body and fender person apply it to your car or smoke it? Will your probation officer let you drive one if you’re on parole for drug violations?

Well, that’s some of the potential problems as I see them. This most assuredly falls into the CO2 Insanity category. I can already see all the movie stars ordering one.

(….and yes I know this is a different kind of hemp, but this was too much to pass up). In case you never heard of Cheech & Chong, below is the trailer from the movie.

Source: The Edmonton Journal

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