“The Weather of the Future” Alarmist Book Review

This one makes me laugh. We now have a book titled “The Weather of the Future.” Picked up from the Washington Post review Page titled “Science Scan,” which in the case of some “warmer” scientist might be more accurately named “Science Scam.”

Based upon what their writeup on “The Weather of the Future” book it appears we may have yet another case of climate models being used meaning we might also have another case of prophecy by science.

I’ll wager that Nostradamus probably isn’t spinning in his grave worrying about the accuracy factor.  You know those crazy computer models.  Figure out the result you want then plug-in the data to ensure a successful prediction. Then write a  new scary book about how global warming is going to fricassee everyone.

I do find one line from the review probably best describes what this obvious attempt to get everyone to go “postal” over global warming is all about.

Cullen even foresees Xavier, a Category 4 hurricane, slamming into New York City in 2050. No climate model, no matter how sophisticated, could predict a hurricane that far in advance, so clearly Cullen is taking some creative license to make a point.

That’s pretty good premonition (or as I prefer to term it “bullshit”) to be seeing into mid-century, which is 40 years from now.  But I do think the reviewer has it right when she notes “creative license,” (another euphemism for “bullshit”). I mean she even named it! Looks like Jean Dixon might have some competition.

With all the alarmism of late giving us results like James J. Lee’s Ecoterror Jihad against the Discovery Channel HQ, one has to start to wonder what other ecoterror crimes the recent wave of “Alarmist Whackjonism” may cause.

There is one thing the author of the review didn’t tell us that “enquiring minds” may want to know want to know. Will this be filed in the “science” section at the library or the “fiction” section?

You can see Heidi Cullen in action in the below video from YouTube of the Larry King show to see her in action. This is in 2007 just before the IPCC released its last report.

Dr. Cullen also seems like perhaps she has a little NAZI in her blood as evidenced by her quote below, taken from the Weather Channel 12/21/06 (here), that I feel is tantamount to advocating that the opposition be not only silenced but punished,  if they dare disagree with anthropogenic global warming.

If a meteorologist can’t speak to the fundamental science of climate change, then maybe the AMS shouldn’t give them a Seal of Approval.

What next Heidi, perhaps advocating they go to a “gulag” for “re-education?”

You can decide what you think about Dr. Cullen and her book yourself.

Source: Science Scan/Washington Post

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