Climate Nazis Invade Canadian Science

New flag of Natural Resources Canada?

In what appears to be another sure sign the warmers are getting beyond desperate, per the Vancouver Sun we now have censorship going on in what I always thought was the free country of Canada. It appears, based on this, that perhaps Canada being free country is a thing of the past. We now have a seemingly dangerous, appalling and desperate move being made by the Natural Resources Canada Minister Christian Paradis, to silence all things skeptical about global warming.

Minister Paradis evidently has things screwed down so tight that scientists subject to his control dare not say anything about anything scientific at all, regardless if its global warming related or not, unless you garner his good graces. Free speech in Canada appears to have taken a big hit.

The latest attempt to control global warming propaganda is that if you’re a scientist who is subject to Natural Resources Canada, you must now submit (note: the word “submit” is very appropriate here because that’s really what you’re doing if you cow-tow to this turd) a request, obtain pre-approval and only say what they tell you to.  Anything else is verboten.

Per the below quote form the Vancouver Sun via Bluegrass Pundit you can see that it’s obvious what Minister Paradis is up to.

The Harper government has tightened the muzzle on federal scientists, going so far as to control when and what they can say about floods at the end of the last ice age.

Natural Resources Canada scientists were told this spring they need “pre-approval” from Minister Christian Paradis’ office to speak with national and international journalists. Their “media lines” also need ministerial approval, say documents obtained by Postmedia News through access-to-information legislation.

Christian Paradis

One of the scientists refers to it this way.

“It’s Orwellian,” says Andrew Weaver, a climatologist at University of Victoria. The public, he says, has a right to know what federal scientists are discovering and learning.

“Orwellian” is fine and dandy, but it really sounds to me more like the kind of control that Nazi Reich Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels would be extremely proud of. He might even be doing cartwheels of joy in Hell over this because it appears proof-positive that evil does exist in this day and age.

I could imagine the next step in this comedy of CO2 Insanity might be that Christian Paradis, in a fit of emulation, might just think it a stellar idea to change his title to Canadian Reich Minister of Global Warming Propaganda to show what appears to be his rather obvious adoration of  Joseph Goebbels‘ ability to control the media and emit propaganda to an unsuspecting public who still naïvely believe their  government won’t lie to them.

Joseph Goebbels, the original Reich Mnister of Propaganda. Paradis' idol?

This is a classic case of  desperation tactics if there ever was one. Face it, the warmers are fast losing  their ability to bullshit everybody about global warming. About the only people who still claim to believe in anthropogenic global warming seem to be those who have turned it into a their new belief system, the easily bullshitted ignorant, or those who stand to make big money on it via carbon trading schemes or getting grant money to study improved ways to BS the ignorant and those who are dogmatic about global warming.

Think about it. If their claims and so-called science weren’t so busted, then why would someone take to using the very nefarious, seemingly last-ditch tactic of censorship? If their science is so good, so pure and so accurate, would you not think that they’d let their scientist run their mouths off? That’s not what’s happening is it? What is now happening is censorship, pure and simple, meaning they’re running scared and they’re desperate and they don’t want the truth to get out. In their dystopian view of things , silence is indeed golden.

Look at what’s been happening since Climategate hit the fan. The warmers have been caught red-handed deleting data, altering data, losing data, providing incorrect data, playing “tricks” with things, using non-peer reviewed science fiction, 1200 KM “smoothing,” 600+ degree temperatures in Wisconsin, wanked satellite data  and even claiming information from a magazine article as being a scientific basis proving we  have global warming. The list of transgressions is too long to list here, but if you want a couple of more, here you go.

Recently the IPCC was bitch-slapped by the IAC and even Lord Oxburgh has admitted, under oath (I might add at an investigation of his investigation of Climategate no less) that “it is impossible to reconstruct an accurate global temperature record over the past 1,000 years. Especially one that could claim modern climate is significantly different from that seen over the last 1000 years.” What more do you need to get the message that AGW is bullshit? Another ice-age?

The science is so busted, even warmer oriented people like Lord Oxburgh are giving up on it. Yet, we still have those hangers-on who appear to be hoping and groping for a miracle to prove their unfounded dogma to be true. Perhaps the resurrection of Al Gore is what they await? I wouldn’t count on it, Al appears to be pretty much hiding out these days along with an ever-growing list of other warmers, who if not yet hiding out, should be.

Face it, they’re having major trouble getting most people to do anything but laugh at their sometimes ridiculous claims that get shriller by the day, evidenced by the constant bombardment about all things being caused by global warming, exacerbated by phrases such as “the science is settled; global warming is real and here; unprecedented; it’s the warmest/hottest (fill in the blank) ever; robust (you name it).”

To me it’s getting beyond asinine. The warmer claims have denigrated so badly that I expect any day now to hear more ludicrous claims such as; Got athlete’s foot? Blame global warming? Have male-pattern baldness? Blame global warming? Got jock-itch? Blame global warming. I think you get my point, which is, the more desperate they get the sillier and louder they get. It’s like they’re hoping to drown out anything contrary to the gospel of the Church of Global Warming by sheer noise alone.

All their efforts are have failed and are sinking faster than a boat anchor. We now have reached what I see as a new desperate low in trying to keep the flame of anthropogenic global warming burning (pun intended). It’s like nothing else has worked, so let’s start censoring the scientists. If you are a scientist, unless something you have to say concurs with our version of the global warming gospel you won’t be allowed to talk about it anymore.

This is tantamount to proof that what the warmers incorrectly refer to as the science of global warming, is really a political movement, controlled by politicians, who prefer to remain in the shadows but are not afraid to step into the daylight if things get out of control and take over. It’s a political con-game that’s designed to lighten everyone’s wallets via carbon trading and taxes. The scientists are merely useful tools to them, used to get control of the public so they and their friends can enrich themselves via carbon taxes and carbon trading schemes and redistribute your wealth to the poorer countries under the guise of saving the planet (where I’d venture a guess the vast majority will disappear into a numbered bank accounts someplace), all while enriching themselves and attempting what I feel could be a part of an attempt to gain dictatorial power over an entire planet.

If you want to scare everyone into submission to gain control of a country, you invent a crisis that is related to that country. If you want to scare everyone on the entire planet into submission, you invent a planetary crisis, then milk it for all it’s worth. It seems to me that anthropogenic global warming fits that scenario to a “T.”

The brainwashing isn’t working, their faux science is busted,  so they’re going to try to take their dangerous game up to a new level called censorship. One that can be stopped if you stay vigilant and start digging your heels in about it, or you can bury your head in the sand and ignore it all. If you do the latter I’d suggest you prepare yourself to submit to people who want to dictate your every movement. If they get their way, what  you eat, drink drive, where you live, what kind of house you live in, where you work, what you do, where you vacation, how many kids you have and everything you do and say, will be controlled by them, not by you.

If you want to see the future they want for you I’d suggest that you watch a movie titled THX 1138 for a great view of the dystopian future they have planned for you. The movie trailer is below.

Source 1: Bluegrass Pundit

Source 2: The Vancouver Sun


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3 responses to “Climate Nazis Invade Canadian Science

  1. ThomasJ

    And I, too, thought Canada was a free country but that ‘freedom’ [i.e. of speech & opinion] seems identical to what we have here in Sweden…

    (BTW: the pic is of H. Himmler, who was the SS-ober-boss)


  2. Thanks for the note on the photo. What happens when you’re tired and doing 3 things at once. It is now correct.

    Interesting on Sweden’s “freedom” of speech and opinion, I would have guessed different.

    Let’s not forget the EU wants to make climate skepticism a crime.

  3. NotMyRealName

    Wow. This is amazing. Thanks for taking the time to put this all together and lay it out for us. I never would have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes!

    Is it even remotely possible that Minister Paradis is doing this to prevent scientists from agreeing with climate change proponents? That seems to be the way they’re spinning it, anyway.

    Also, if you look at Goebbels’ arm band, doesn’t it look like it’s been altered in some way?