Help save an Aussie farm family & stop green tyranny!

Help these people the have kids and dreams like the rest of us!


From the Watts Up With That? website comes an urgent call to help save an Aussie farm family who have been screwed-over by the greentards and the Australian government. I would take donating up to another level and send the government e-mails explaining to them that you will not be spending any tourist dollars in Australia until crap like this stops. I’m making a PayPal donation and when I find some greentard government officials to e-mail, I will be sending them some terse comments.  Thanks for helping stop the greentard tyrrany!  This is urgent they only have 4 days until they’re evicted. Please help!

WUWT readers may recall this story: Death of a Feedlot Operator

In which the anal-retentive government of West Australia has “licensed” a family farm out of operation due to some phony science and arbitrary application of the “sniff test”. Yes that’s right, cattle farms smell, so do pig farms, as does any farm. But now it’s reason to shut one out due to baseless complaints from the local greens. And, it all started when Matt Thompson started doubting global warming and talking about it publicly.

I’ve never made a plea to the WUWT worldwide readership for help, I’m making one now to donate to these people to stave off eviction. If nothing else, do it to spite the government of Western Australia and the greens (Environmental Defender’s Office WA)  that have turned farming into a “crime”. The real crime is that government listens to these boneheads.

Source: Watts Up With That?

Link to article from JoNova website:

I would urge anyone with a website and a heart to post this up as fast as  you can. You could be the next victim of greentardism. Now I’m off to make a donation!


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  1. Hello. Where is your source for the ice caps getting bigger over the past 2 years?

    Also, what else are you a skeptic about? I’m just dying to know!