The Future of US Energy Policy?

Want a look at what we’ll be facing if Congress and the President try to become USA-Eurotard? Read Christopher Booker’s column in the Telegraph titled “British energy policy is in crisis.”  Here’s  a hint of what’s going to come if people don’t wake up and start telling the greentards to start being more reasonable and quit living in la-la land, making unreasonable demands that result in overpriced, inefficient power.

  • £20,000 heat pumps that are basically worthless for the most part that will cost £13 billion by 2030, far more than they’re worth.
  • Overpriced solar plants that are heavily subsidised putting out about 1/1,000th of what ONE coal plant does.
  • Biomass plants that lose money
  • Overpriced electric cars that don’t go very far, again government subsidized, that will overtax and overtaxed electric grid when they all start getting plugged in.
  • Overpriced, subsidized, inefficient wind turbines that don’t generate enough power and generate no power when there is no wind, thus requiring coal or gas power plants to be online to take up the slack when there’s no wind.

It’s time to get realistic about what we’re doing in the United States because emulating the UK will only put us into bankruptcy faster than we’re already heading for it. We need clean power with a reasonable cost, a return on investment, no need for government subsidy, that is reliable and efficient.

But, every time you want to build  a nuclear power plant you get the greentards protesting, and no one seems enamored with natural gas even though it doesn’t pollute much.

More CO2 Insanity.

Source: The Telegraph

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