What warming goes up must come down

Well, my latest fun comes courtesy of NASA. Not due to anything that they have done wrong (they do good things, too!). Please take a look at their latest satellite image below of the Pacific Ocean that show’s the effect of the La Niña we’re now having.

Go ahead, take a look and note all the blue and white and also note there is very little brown. Remember we’ve been hearing a nearly constant global warming alarmist din about how hot the oceans are, how the coral is bleaching and how we have rising sea-levels and hell, we’re going to all drown and burn to up like crispy critters because of all that nasty old anthropogenic CO2 that causes about anything you care to name, good, bad, or indifferent.

So, look at the above map again and the key at the bottom.  The white is neutral (zero), neither higher or lower. The maximum low is -220 millimeters and the max high is +220 millimeters. If you’re in the USA where we’re more scared of the metric system than global warming, that is the equivalent of + or – 8.66141732 inches in each direction, or a maximum combined spread of 17.32283464 inches. Compared to the 15-20 feet some morons claim we will soon get, that’s a mere drop in the Pacific Ocean bucket.

To put it plain and simple look at how much white and blue there is and how little brown there is. It seems to me that Newton’s Law must apply to hot oceans and their heat-driven sea-level. If you remember Newton, he’s the dude who myth says got hit in the head by an apple and discovered gravity and his theory that what goes up, must come down. Not quite what happened but that’s the favored story.

I’d bet he would find that Newton’s Law is a very appropriate theory to apply to global warming. What temperatures the warmers scream about going up come back down, and what sea-level raise the warmers scream about goes back down, too. I’d term it climate yin and yang.

So remember whether it’s temperature, sea-level or gravity, what goes up must come down. At least Newton didn’t have CO2 Insanity.

You can use the below link to go to the site and see for yourself.

Source: NASA Earth Observatory

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