Green fashion the new oxymoron

This one could scare global warming away all by herself!

My God! I was perusing things awhile ago and I came across a link to an article from Tree Hugger about Green Fashion Week. Those are definitely two words that should not be spoken together. Eco-chic is about to make me ec0-barf. After seeing some of this “eco-fashion” I do feel like hugging a tree would be an improvement. Perhaps that’s the desired effect?

Talk about CO2 Insanity. Or perhaps it should be put under Eco Terror? You call it!

You have one “tantalizing” photo above, and here is a link to some more of those “tantalizing” photos.  All I have to say is what next year? Braided arm pits? I hope I don’t have nightmares.

Source: Treehugger

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