McCain finally comes to his senses about climate change

Sounds like Senator John McCain has finally come to his senses about anthropogenic climate change being a giant crock of crap. Evidently Grist doesn’t like him anymore. Per their post titled “McCain has become a climate conspiracy theorist”…….

Now, like every other GOP candidate for the U.S. Senate this year, he opposes the climate policy he once supported. In a little-noted appearance stumping for Senate candidate (and fellow denier) Kelly Ayotte in Nashua, N.H., this March, McCain gave credence to the outlandish Climategate smear campaign against climate science:

They then proceed to bitch and moan about nuclear power and tie in weather events to climate change like the rest of the global warming lemmings. No evidence, just the usual BS.

What we do have here is another case of “were’ green and we don’t like anything” going on. Regardless what anyone comes up with, many of the greentards just won’t be the least little bit happy until we return to living like we’re in the dark ages. They do seem attracted to wind power though, despite the fact it dices birds up like crazy.

Source: Grist

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