Project DUMBo…emphasis on DUMB

In the previous post we can see how the sea-level went down in 2010. So what do I read a few minutes later? I read about Project Dumbo. No it’s not about a flying elephant! It’s a project about what New York City will look like when the sea-level rises and the East River overflows.  The only problem is that the dumbo that made Project Dumbo Underwater must be a dumbo who’s evidently clueless about the latest sea-level data. More climate alarmism. Must be the week to get more clueless people all stirred-up.  First we have a nice climate alarmist video that shows how these supposedly green and peace-loving warmers really conceal an urge to blow climate deniers to smithereens and now we get New York City underwater.

I hope some poor clueless person doesn’t see Project DUMB0 and go “postal” and take over the Discovery Channel headquarters again. Or, perhaps some greentard will decide it’s time to really start blowing people up ala Ted Kaczyksli.

You can watch the video below. Or go to the source link below the video to read the whole article.

Source: World Changing

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  1. Stupid is stupid. The warmists really are at the edge of the clift, now knowing that Al Gore cannot save them. Al was in Florida gettng a cold shoulder. Seems every where he goes, cold follows him.